Lisbon Nightlife Cheat Sheet

Lisbon Street Party Nightlife

Lisbon is an up-and-coming destination in Europe, where the weather is forever pleasant, clouds are always sparse, and people are incredibly open and friendly. Lisboetas know how to have fun, and here are the must-do’s in nightlife coming from our Lisbon Super Locals:

Best Bar: Pavilão Chinês

A 5-roomed bar in an old grocery store, filled with toys from decades past. This is one of the quirkiest bars in Lisbon and Super Local Filipe’s bar of choice.

Pavilão Chinês, Lisbon's most peculiar bar
Pavilão Chinês, Lisbon’s most peculiar bar

Best Club: Lux

Super Local Bo says it is the best club in Lisbon. Not to be missed by house and techno lovers who appreciate a great sound system and quality music. Stay till the end to enjoy an incredible sunrise.

Lisbon Lux Club
Lisbon Lux Club

Best Live Music Venue: Primeiro Andar

Restaurant by day, live music club by night, Guilherme’s favorite venue attracts a bohemian, arty crowd.

Primeiro Andar Live Music Venue
Primeiro Andar Live Music Venue Lisbon

Best Drunk Munchie: Pão com Chouriço

Lisboetas go wild for a good pão com chouriço, and the “bread with sausage” snack is especially gratifying enjoyed at 2am!

Pão com Chouriço Best Drunk Food
Pão com Chouriço Best Drunk Food

Best Hangover Breakfast: Tosta Mista

A hearty tosta mista, the Portuguese version of a grilled cheese sandwich (with ham!) after a long night out, is whole-heartedly recommended by Super Local Ricardo.

Tosta Mista Best Hangover Breakfast
Tosta Mista Best Hangover Breakfast

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