Party with a Local Story #9: A Lasting Friendship

This next story is not a story from an insane party night, but it does mark the beginning of a lasting friendship stemming from a girls' night out through the app!

I am an Amsterdam local and connected with Noura (a traveller from Lebanon) on Party with a Local while she was living in Amsterdam for a short internship. I arranged to meet her and another traveller from PwaL (a Swiss traveller) on the Heinekenplein in Amsterdam.

We said 'just drinks' but we had such a great night that the drinks turned into dinner and long conversations. In the end, the Swiss girl admitted that she would go back to Switzerland and probably not use the app anymore because 'she had friends back home' (humph!) and Noura and I never heard from her again after that night.

We, however, kept in touch and hung out a few more times while she was still in Amsterdam. I even brought her to one of the PwaL rooftop sessions over the summer (another brilliant day!).

Anyway, this is the photo from that first meet. Noura is a graphic artist, and without my knowing it, she took a photo of that night, went home and drew it in her journal. That's me on the left! We're still in touch and she is planning to move to Amsterdam permanently.

Party with a Local Friendship

My best story, because I got a true friend out of it! :)

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