5 best bars in Sao Paulo

Normally, when thinking of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro & Salvador come to mind as the most famous and fun cities to visit. But have you ever thought of going to Sao Paulo? Ok, it's huuuge (almost 12 million people according to Wikipedia), cars are always stuck in traffic, everyone is stressed because of never-ending amount of work...

Luckily, this is not the only side of this city. Sao Paulo is also perfect for those who are looking for some really mind-blowing festas (parties in Portuguese) or very traditional bars with nice cocktails and good music. Thanks god, the workaholic locals are transformed into the friendliest and sweetest people that you have ever partied with (as soon as they leave their offices - around 8 pm).

So, if you are ready to catch the 12 hour direct flight, from pretty much any city in Europe, to Sao Paulo and wake up in the crazy party capital of Latin America, this post with the tips of the best bars in town is made especially for you!

1. Pirajá


As the night starts, the best thing is to have some really light but ice cold beers and to try typical Brazilian snacks like Linguiça na cachaça (sausage grilled with cachaça) and Mandioca frita (fried cassava root). People are so friendly in this place, that after a couple of glasses of something, you definitely will be best mates with the bartenders, the girls at the next table, the guys from the samba band and pretty much everyone who is there partying like a local. Pirajá is considered to be a typical Rio de Janeiro-style bar, but it fits perfectly into urban Sao Paulo's architecture too. You can get there by taxi or metro (nearest stations are Faria Lima and Pinheiros).

Address: Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 64 (map)
Dress code: relaxed enough, but many people really dress up (well of course, it's Sao Paulo).
Prices: one draft beer is around 2 euros and a delicious caipirinha is 5 euros.

2. Pé de Manga


This place is a heaven for those who love exotic cocktails. A huge variety of caipirinhas (with cachaça) and caipiroscas (with vodka), made of every possible Brazilian fruit, is awaiting you here. The place is full of travellers and expats that like to enjoy a hot summer evening (underneath mango trees!) in nice company and in the best party neigbourhood of Sao Paulo, Vila Madalena.

Address: Rua Arapiraca, 152 (map)
Dress code: anything that you would wear on holidays.
Prices: one draft beer is 2 euros, a bottle of Stella (690 ml) is around 6 euros. A tasty caipirinha or caipirosca with a mix of different fruits goes for 8 euros.

3. FrangÓ


Fancy trying every kind of beer from any place on earth in the most traditional Brazilian environment? Then we suggest FrangÓ! This cozy bar unites locals and travellers that have in common beer, restless chat, unstoppable laughter and of course, yummy food. By the way, this place is really famous for its divine coxinha (a typical Brazilian snack stuffed with finely shredded chicken meat, potato puree and cream cheese).

Address: Largo da Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Ó, 168 (map)
Dress code: comfortable! (especially shoes, the pavement here isn't that perfect).
Prices: 10 heavenly delicious coxinhas cost around 9 euros. The Brazilian American Pale Ale (600 ml) is 4 euros and a bottle of St. Feuillien Saison (750 ml) goes for 20 euros.

4. Igrejinha


A perfect place to heat up before going to a club! Even though the bar has lots of saints and crosses, the atmosphere is definitely not the most saintly. Actually, it has this perfect environment to find friends and even a date (!) of all nationalities and sexualities. In case you are too shy to ask for someone's number, there are a couple of old-style telephones spread around the rooms. As the phones are all connected, to talk to a person you've made an eye contact with over the phone - it's easy-peasy! If you are lucky to be there on one of the busy Saturday nights, you might even taste a free beer, that locals pass from table to table, making home-like ambience even more cozy.

Igrejinha (translated as little church) also plays pretty good music. Indie rock on a daily basis and intense electronic beat on Thursdays.

Address: Rua Fernando de Albuquerque, 302 (map)
Dress code: girls in high heels, boys in high heels, no one really cares here! :)
Prices: a big bottle of Heineken - 3 euros, a Cosmopolitan cocktail - 7 euros.

5. Skye Bar

bar sky

Definitely for those who like posh style of partying. Located on the rooftop of one of the most expensive hotels of Sao Paulo, Skye Bar receives daily tons of tourists, expats and well-dressed locals. The best cocktails to try are Tropicália (with vodka, mango, tangerine and banana liquor and a dash of lime juice) and Caipirinha Special Two (includes cachaça, asparagus, lime juice, pineapple and ginger). It's not really a place to dance, but for sure, to enjoy the best view of the city and to chat to some random people by the swimming pool.

Nice lounge music adds to the kind of flirty mood here!

Address:  Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 4700 - Hotel Unique (8th floor) (map)
Dress code: chic! Girls, don't forget your louboutins, lol!
Prices: Tropicália cocktail - 9 euros, Caipirinha Special Two - 11 euros

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