A Friday Night In Berlin


Picture thanks to Sara Llobet

So i was back in Berlin once again this weekend. It's hard to keep away. I was staying in the most fantastic spot on Urbanstraße. 

I got in late Thursday night so decided to have some down time in anticipation of the weekend ahead...

Friday night we headed Ritter Butzke, in Kreuzberg. The venue was great, you walk through this huge concrete archway with a raw iron gate slightly ajar, if you couldnt hear the music resonating from within the walls you'd think you've walked into the wrong place.  Door policy seemed pretty relaxed and entry was only 8 euros.  Inside the venue it was split in to two separate rooms,  a smaller more intimate chilled room and a more upbeat heavy toned dance floor with a huge fenced dj booth fenced for V.I.P's, which seemed like an absolute waste of space with only the DJ and her friend in about 15 square metres. The music was good but the vibe lacked, so we hopped in a cab and headed to Wilden Renate, pronounced "Renahtar", to meet some friends.  Renate was absolutely pumping. This club follows a similar layout to the likes of  Sisyphos and Kater Holzig, a mini world cornered off only by the imagination. In the courtyard there's a swinging boat and a rusted twirling car. Inside are magnitudes of little cubby spaces with comfy couches nestled along the perimeter of two dance floors upstairs which resemble  living rooms playing housy electro and one dance floor downstairs serving up delicious disco.

We left the club at 8am blurry eyed and content with the knowledge the weekend had just began...

By Izaac .S.


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