Amsterdam Dance Event App

Amsterdam Dance Event app?

Looking for the official 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event / ADE mobile app?

Well… this is not it - it appears ADE haven’t released an app this year (yet). But... you're in luck - we have a great app for ADE!

Our app, PartyWith, is not ONLY for Amsterdam Dance Event, but there are dozens of ADE events that have already been added to it by our community. You see a simple list of all the ADE events, all added by the community to the app, by date. For individual events you see the event details, venues, DJs playing etc. - just like you do with Facebook events.

With PartyWith you can also see which ADE events are most popular with locals (and travelers). And even better you can see the actual profiles of the people who are going - their bios, photos, nightlife preferences, music tastes, reviews from other users i.e. you can find people just like you, people who like the same sort of music, and want to party at the same ADE events.

Best of all - you can connect and chat with people directly and join groups of people to go to ADE parties together with! (better than going solo, right?). So, not the official ADE app, but a pretty useful and fun one (if we do say so ourselves).

So we welcome you to join the Party this ADE, with the PartyWith app.

Also, for insider tips - check out our Amsterdam Dance Event: Survival Guide to ADE!

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