Behind the Party: Karla

Friendly, outgoing, sociable, “Super Local” Karla has taken under her wings many freshly arrived party enthusiasts in Amsterdam. Whether she is advising on best party spots or inviting her protégés to tag along for wild nights out, Austria-native Karla sure feels at home in Netherlands! She remembers her first techno party “It was at a friend’s house, in the attic. Acid house music playing, masks and the whole enchilada. We drew acid smilies everywhere, wore the t-shirts, it was insane!”

Favourite Local Bar: Cafe de Tuin for its chill atmosphere.

Favourite Club: Marktkantine & Radion. But also Thuishaven, Warehouse Elementenstraat and Shelter. Those clubs are awesome!

Favourite Festival: Georgie's Wundergarten -as an all time favourite. Close second Pleinvrees, Loveland and Awakenings.

Best Party-Fail: When google maps brought me home from the ADE Loveland event 2,5 years ago. Il iterally would have followed google maps into the canal!

Best party memory: The one that stuck out by far was at The Dunes of Babylon which brought Rampue, Satori & more together. The Venue, the decoration, the artists, the energy & the crowd. Unforgettable sunny moments at the sea in Woodstock Bloemendaal.

Favourite Music: Deep House, techno, tech house, electronic music

Favourite Drink: Vodka Tonic

Party tips for Amsterdam newbies?

My recommendation for newbies would be to join The Gardens Of Babylon and attend their mesmerizing events that make you come back and back and back. The crowd there really connects.

If you're looking for new partners in crime, look-up Madness CR3W, these guys really know how to party and will welcome you with open arms!


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