Behind the Party: Dan

Dan is the Founder and one of the brains behind Party with a local. He is an Aussie-imported specimen who has been living in Amsterdam for the past 10 years. "Dan, do you have a fun party fail to share?" - "Haha, too many to mention. That's why I started the app!". He has found his way in the party scene in Amsterdam (by now, took him a while). Here are his top-picks to go out in the city.

Favourite Bar: Cafe Cook. Best neighbourhood terrace in Amsterdam.

Favourite Club: De Marktkantine. For the layout and atmosphere. I Saw Fatboy Slim there recently, which was an awesome show. It was great to hang out and dance behind the DJ booth.

Favourite Festival: Lowlands . I've been there 5 times (I think). The best run big festival I've ever been too. Always a cracking line-up covering lots of music genres, always gone and camped with a big group of friends. I might be getting too old for a 3 day camping festival now though!

Best Party Fail: One year at Lowlands after the festival was over, I decided to sleep a bit longer when all my friends were packing up tents. It had been a big 3 days and nights! Friends tried to get me up, but I, half asleep, refused. Eventually was woken up by people cleaning up the camp site - they told me I had to get up as a big storm was coming. I got out of the tent to notice almost all the tents were packed up and there were no people left! I got a text from my friends who were already back home in Amsterdam. Had to pack up my tent in rain, wind & mud & get the train back to Amsterdam alone. That was pretty depressing!

Favourite late-night food: A Kapsalon ( a Dutch food item consisting of fries, topped with döner or shawarma meat, grilled with a layer of Gouda cheese and leafy greens). Or at Sinbad or Ma Baker.

Favourite Music: Funk & Brass, Alternative Rock / Grunge, Hip Hop, Techno (Berlin stuff 😛), Cheesy Classics

Favourite Drink: (Pilsner) Beer. Dark & Stormy on special occasions.


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