Berlin Nightlife Cheat Sheet

Berlin Street Party

Berlin is one of the party capitals of the world, especially for those into techno. For Germans, nightlife is a marathon that is on around the clock - it's totally possible to be out from Friday evening till Monday morning if anyone can last that long, given all its venues open all weekend long. There's so much to see and discover in Berlin and new hotspots are always popping out, but here are a couple timeless classics in Berlin nightlife that you should not miss!

Best Bar: Mein Haus Am See

Have you ever been to a 24-hour bar? Berlin has a couple of them, such as Mein Haus Am See, that is open literally 24 hours a day, 365 a year. A locals' favorite drink is Club Mate with Jagermeister.

Berlin Nightlife Berlin's 24 hour bar Mein Haus Am See
Berlin's 24 hour bar Mein Haus Am See

Best Clubs: Techno Clubs Everywhere

Berlin is Techno. Visit one of Berlin's many alternative nightclubs, like about:blank or IPSE. Whatever you do, don't arrive in big groups if you want to make it in. If you must brave Berghain, arrive Sunday afternoon to avoid the rush. If you're lucky enough to be in Berlin over the summer, don't miss one of their open air clubs on a nice day.

Berlin Nightlife IPSE open air club in Berlin
IPSE open air club in Berlin

Best Live Music Venue: Madame Claude

Madame Claude is Super Local Hans-Christian's favorite bar and it is also hosts live concerts in its basement. An alternative bar where all the furniture was upsidedown, capturing the essence of the edgy neighborhood Kreuzberg.

Berlin Nightlife Madame Claude Live Music Bar in Berlin
Madame Claude Live Music Bar in Berlin

Best Drunk Munchie: Gel Gör

Berlin has a huge Turkish population, and eating Turkish food has become a norm in the city. Gel Gör is open 24-hours and you must try the Köfte - roasted Turkish meatball served in a baguette.

Try a Kofte in Berlin as drunk munchie!
Try a Kofte in Berlin as drunk munchie!

Hangover Breakfast: Schwarzes Cafe

Again, this cafe is - you guessed it - 24 hours, and people rave about their breakfast menu.

Hangover breakfast at Schwarzes
Hangover breakfast at Schwarzes

Want to try some of these places, meet local party animals, and get more Berlin nightlife tips? Download Party with a Local, find some new friends, and start the party! Because a night out anywhere is better with a local!

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