Berlin on a Friday or Saturday night

In Berlin on a Friday or Saturday night, what to do? So many options! Want something different? Here's what we at Party with a Local recommend: Brunnen 70  - watch a band in an armchair or take a break from dancing to play giant foosball!

Brunnen 70 is a club in the North of Berlin rarely frequented by tourists as it's not so easy to stumble across. Set in the cellar of an warehouse building, the club has around 7 rooms (it's hard to keep count) each with their own quirks. One has a stage and a ball pit, another has the shell of a police car, and another is decked out with real grass and a small river (complete with foot bridge), so you can literally sit on the grass with a beer and listen to the band. If you get a little tired, you can sit back in a couch in the 'TV room' and watch whatever they've projected onto the screen.

Each weekend they have a different party – from minimal techno to blues and swing, and the club is gay-friendly, so occasionally they have gay parties.

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