Amsterdam’s Best Bars – According to Locals

Like most cities, the Amsterdam bar scene is constantly changing and evolving. It can be hard to keep up with what's hot, what's not and what's new. We wanted to find out which bars in Amsterdam are great right now.

So we asked our community of (Super*) Locals: 'What are the Best Bars in Amsterdam?' & 'Why?'

* Super Locals are the most active and engaged members of Party with a Local, they're awesome! 

Plus - who are you going to believe when trying to find the best bars in Amsterdam? Locals who live here, go out to bars every week (or night), and have identified these as the best of the best. Or do you wanna stick to tourist forums on TripAdvisor? Or travel writers who spent 24 hours in Amsterdam and rushed through 10 bars in one night. Up to you 😜

This is what they said:

1. Regular & Jack. Why? Because the staff are really friendly, knowledgeable, they provide great customer service, a nice variety of beers and other drinks, and the food, the FOOD is really really good!!! 😃🙏🏽🤤
Michael R.
Super Local (+ "YOLO" hero & über party animal)
2. Feijoa. Great staff, great drinks (cocktails), always always fun.
Maxine P.
Super Local (+ Co-Founder FreshhhConnections)
3. Café Tripel is my favorite bar. They have a very big selection in craft beers. Me and my friends usually end up here because of the beer, it's always crowded, open until late and a very spacious smoking area upstairs. Within the smoking area they also let you control the music!
Jaap B.
Super Local (+ Neighbourhood Hero)
4. Coco's Outback is the best. They have a large outside area, cocktails, a pool table, nice bar staff and karaoke! What else do you need?
Sanne v.
Super Local (+ Karaoke Queen)

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5. Madfox, because it's an whole new experience regarding table/drink service. A mysterious dark like club with an LED ceiling makes it an experience being there
Maro D.
Super Local (+ DJ Lim de La Cruz)
6. Café de Ceuvel - it's a waterside bar tucked away in Noord. The decor is eccentric and even includes a decommissioned ship on the water. It's a "local's only" type of place. Not only do they serve drinks, they also got an excellent selection of Vegan food.
Tendelle S.
Super Local (+ Nightlife Travel Blogger)
7. Roest - drink, dance, enjoy the Summer days (also very cozy in Winter!)
Elise G.
Super Local (+ Photographer)
8. Café Cook. Best neighbourhood terrace in Amsterdam.
Dan F.
Super Local (+ Founder of Party with a Local)
9. Café de Tuin (chill local bar).
Karla W.
Super Local (+ Techno Kitten)
10. Canvas - best rooftop bar in Amsterdam.
Niall W.
Super Local (+ Co-Founder of Madness CR3W)

So there you have it. The Best Bars in Amsterdam - the Super Locals have spoken.

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