Best Clubs in Lisbon

Lisbon has built itself up as Europe's premier city for nightlife. After a couple nights out in Lisbon, party animals would see why it's deserving of the title - with a diverse set of options to cater to every music taste, locals that love to party, and clubs that stay popping way past dawn, a wild night out is guaranteed. Here are our top picks of the best clubs in Lisbon.

Lux Fragil

Lux Best Club Lisbon

Lux is known to be the best club in Portugal, and with good reason. It is a giant club on the shore of the Tajo River, boasting 3 main areas - floor, bar, and roof. It spins mainstream house on the main floor and techno in the second room. If you're an electronic music head, you must pay this venue a visit on your trip to Lisbon. Stay till dawn and head up to the roof to marvel at the beautiful sunrise upon the river.


Incognito Best Club Lisbon

Incognito is the place to be for indie and alternative music, and for you to check out the hipster scene of Lisbon. The club keeps a low profile and has no name on the door, so only people really in-the-know come here. Indie, synthpop, electronica, alternative rock are music styles to be enjoyed here.


Best Club Lisbon

Given Portugal's colonial past, many of its residents have strong times with Africa. B.Leza is a club that pays tribute to this heritage, featuring sensual music styles from Angola, Cabo Verde, and Mozambique. The club features both DJs and live bands for partygoers to dance their nights away.


Best Club Lisbon

Drum and Bass heads rejoice - Europa is Lisbon's designated DnB club. It's not a big venue, but it more than compensates for its size with its brilliant mixing and lineup of both national and international drum & bass DJs. Not for the faint of heart, Europa is also famous for after hours parties - clubbers arrive at dawn and stay till 10am dancing to Europa's bassy sounds.

Dock's Club

Best Club Lisbon Docks Club

A warehouse club that is a favorite among the city's youth population. The club frequently hosts themed nights, and has music that caters to a different crowd every night. From pop to electronic to rock, the DJs and live bands of Dock's keeps the party popping all night.

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