Best Clubs in Rio de Janeiro

When you think of a city that can best be described with the word "fun", Rio de Janeiro has got to be at the top of that list. With warm weather year round and friendly, fun loving locals, Rio is one of the best places in the world to enjoy the night. From Brazilian samba to electronic dance music, Rio has it all. Here are our recommendations of the best clubs for every genre in Rio.

Carioca da Gema

Carioca da Gema Best Club Rio

Samba club in the bustling Lapa neighborhood, one of the pioneering clubs in Lapa. In its program features the best Samba bands in Rio de Janeiro attracting serious samba lovers of all walks of life, and a more local crowd than Rio Scenarium. Ideal place for Brazilian beats and food.


Fosfobox Best Club Rio de Janeiro

One of the few alternative nightclubs in Rio, with 2 dance floors playing electronic music, rock and roll, hip hop, reggae, or more, depending on the night. The main floor is always pulsating and gets packed with Rio's party animals from all social demographics, while the upstairs bar and balcony provides a welcomed respite for partygoers to take a break, before heading back downstairs to party till dawn.

The Maze

The Maze Best Club Rio de Janeiro

Jazz Club, cited as one of the bests in the world, with incredible views of the city. It's at an unique location at the top of the favela Torto. Unique ambiance and location, and it always has live music.


Miroir Best Club Rio de Janeiro

On the shore of one of Rio's most scenic locations, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, with direct views to the statue of the Christ, Miroir is Rio's poshest nightclub, where the rich and famous cariocas go to party. Featuring the best of Rio's DJ talent, Miroir brings electronic dance music and some Vegas-style glam to Rio de Janeiro, with beautiful go-go dancers and circus entertainers getting the party going until 6am. Word of warning - the prices are steep here!


Nuth Best Club Rio de Janeiro

Beautiful tropical-themed club spinning electro-samba, hiphop, and house to a well-dressed crowd. One of the larger clubs in Rio de Janeiro with a cool, hip vibe and friendly people.

Castelo das Pedras

Baile Funk

We've mentioned this in our Rio Nightlife Cheat Sheet, and we'll recommend it again. The most well-known funk club of Rio de Janeiro is Castelo das Pedras, located in the favela Rio das Pedras. Haven't heard of funk? It's an electronic beat-infused type of music that originated from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. It trumpets dancey tunes andvulgar lyrics, with a promiscuous dance style to match. Attending a funk party ("Baile Funk") gives you a rare insight into Rio's favela culture. Recommended to go with a local.

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