Best Party Hostels in Rio de Janeiro

Image via Alto Vidigal Website

If your idea of a Rio holiday is to drink as many caipirinhas as you can, meet a ton of people, and party at the best spots in town, you might consider staying at a party hostel. Especially for a sociable solo traveler, a party hostel is one of the best options for meeting new people. Book at your own risk: Sleep is optional in these hostels!

These 5 hostels were chosen by merit of vibe, socialness, having a bar, hostel parties, and location.

Books Hostel

You can't have a list of top party hostels in Rio without mentioning Books. It's THE hostel for serious party animals who plan on partying in Rio 24/7. Books has the reputation for being one of the craziest party hostels in South America, and has a ton of reviews on TripAdvisor & Hostelworld to back this up. The bar inside the hostel hosts happy hours every day and that attract a large crowd. With so much going on, it's impossible not to meet a lot of people! Not to mention, it's located by Lapa, the nightlife zone of Rio, so the party is never more than a few steps away.

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Image via

LimeTime Hostel

LimeTime Hostel Rio is advertised as a party hostel, and to prove the point, they have daily Happy Hours during which they turn off the internet for an hour. Internet is ruining social interaction these days, and LimeTime makes sure that millennials attached to their devices look up from their phones to talk to fellow guests at least an hour a day. In addition, you get a free caipirinha every night, unless it's Tuesday, then you get 2 hours of open bar caipirinhas. Bravo to you, LimeTime!

via LimeTime Hostels
Image via LimeTime Hostels

Walk on the Beach Hostel

I stayed at the Walk on the Beach Hostel a couple years ago and have great memories of it. Within 15 minutes walking to Copacabana Beach, the hostel has great staff and fun mix of Brazilian and foreign guests. There's plenty of hostel-wide events organized, and the hostel bar is a great way to start a night out with cheap drink prices. It's less crazy than the other hostels in this list and the bar is isolated from the rooms, meaning you can get a proper night sleep to recharge, but the vibe is no less great.

Image via Hostelworld
Image via Hostelworld

Alto Vidigal Hostel & Bar

Vidigal is an unique hostel in a pacified favela (famous, colorful ghettos in Brazil), offering a rare perspective into the local life. The best part of Vidigal Hostel is that it also is a bar and hosts big dance parties, playing anything from Brazilian funk to Hip Hop. Perfect for those that want to discover Rio's underground party scene and even meet locals away from the tourist circuit and Lapa! As a bonus, it boasts phenomenal views of Rio's cityscape as it is perched on a hill (the featured photo of this post is shot from Alto Vidigal!).

Image via Boa Diversão
Image via Boa Diversão

Che Lagarto Hostel Copacabana

Che Lagarto is an Argentinean hostel chain. Its location in Copacabana can't be beat: Che Lagarto is only two blocks from Copacabana beach, has a great bar & terrace and lively party atmosphere. They have happy hours daily that really facilitate socializing, and even throw hostel-wide parties, like the one below!

Image via TripAdvisor
Making caipirinhas in the hostel! Image via TripAdvisor

Partying with travelers is always good fun, but don't forget to Party with a Local as well. Rally a group of travelers & locals together and your nights in Rio will undoubtedly be for the books!

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