Best Samba Houses in São Paulo

In Brazil, there’s a saying that “os brasileiros já nascem sabendo sambar”: “Brazilians are born knowing how to samba”. From 3-year-olds toddlers to 90-year-olds grandmothers, everyone is always “sambando” in samba houses, street parties, and clubs.

About 100 years ago, the verses of the first samba music were first created in Brazil on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Since then, plenty of samba artists spread the art and love for samba around Brazil.

São Paulo was, and will always be, a place with a plenty of writers and musicians that dedicated their lives to samba and live to samba (yes, samba is a verb too).  Whichever neighborhood you go, you will find samba houses to listen and dance to this typical Brazilian music.

Pau Brasil

Located in Vila Madalena, Pau Brasil is a small happy place with many caricatures on the wall of famous sambistas (samba artists) that give us a real environment about what samba means: simplicity, friendship and bohemia.

Pau Brasil Samba Houses

Traço de União

In the heart of Pinheiros and next to Faria Lima Station, the Traço de União is a nook for the best Sambistas in the world. There you can watch weekly concerts of renowned artists.

Traço de União Samba Houses

Samba do Bule

A place with artistic and cultural manifestation, based in the district of Bom Retiro, Samba do Bule happens every last Friday of the month. You’re not charged at the entrance; just pay however much you think is fair. There you can hear the best contemporary samba artists singing.

Samba do Bule Samba Houses

Bar Você vai se Quiser @ Samba da Praça Roosevelt

We suggest going here on Saturdays and have lunch there: the famous typical Brazilian dish feijoada around 2pm. After that, stay to enjoy a fantastic samba with some of the best voices in São Paulo. 

Você vai se quiser Samba Houses

No matter where you go don’t worry about the beers, because there will always be plenty and stupidly cold!

Have a shot of Cachaça too.

And don’t forget to invite me.

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