Crazy nights in Berlin, with Locals

6 AM: 3 huge bouncers run into my direction, literally smashed me on the wall and
brought me and a girl I was talking to outside the club…. 30 min later the German police
allowed me to go home with a “sorry for the misunderstanding”… I love Berlin! So how
did I end up in this situation? Let’s start from the beginning….

I decided to have a party week-end with 3 dudes in Berlin… So what do you really need
when you go in a town you don’t know??? A local to show you around!!!! I was quite
lucky… I asked 4 weeks in advance in couchsurfing and 5 locals decided to show us
around. At the end we meet just 1 on them (our fault) and it was (maybe) 1 too much…
Anyway, tips for Berlin….

I’ll go straight to the point, since there are already awesome posts about the German
capital here… first night we went to Tresor ( the hardest
techno club in Berlin. The place is just insane: it’s and old bank (head office, not
branch…it’s huge) converted to a club. Outside the place our guide told us: let’s meet at 8
AM at the club der visianaere if we get lost.
I was thinking (WTF? How can we get lost in a bank? And 8AM in the morning?
Seriously ???) anyway as soon we got in I understood…the ground floor is just dark. You
don’t see anything. Just a huge room, with flashlights and the craziest techno music ever.
I could literally feel my chest vibrating with the music. Just amazing. (Note: I hate techno
music and I loved Tresor! It’s just another world. It’s a bit difficult to describe the kind of
people inside, because you just can’t see them… of course the flashlights give you some
glances and clues of the place and I remember quite nice ladies…young I guess… but
who really knows? Did I forget something? O yeah the artificial smoke that made the air
thick and dense… just because otherwise visibility was too good!

Then we went to the 1st floor and wow, I could see again!!! The music upstairs is
electronic. Of course if you don’t like electronic music (like me) this floor is quite boring,
especially after the under ground experience….

This club is a must, it’s absolutely amazing. And no nasty bouncer smashing you on the
ground without any reason. Yeah.

We did not get lost and at 5AM we left the place. Going home? At 5 AM? In Berlin?
No way! So the lady brought us to another club, open until 10AM… http://
. Luckily we could not get in because, at 6AM, it was full! Of
course… and here the magic happen… outside the club, in a garden, there is a Swedish
bungalow (maximum 9 Square meters with a DJ)…. We danced until 7. No comment.

So at 7AM we left the place, and tried to go home… of course the girl wanted to eat first
and then she asked, “ do you already want to go home”?
YES. And we went home.

We did some sightseeing during the day…nothing special that you can’t get
from Google so I’ll skip. I just recommend a nice restaurant for dinner: kartoffelkeller
Go there only if you like potatoes.

The second night we did not meet the girl so we relied on a friend recommendation for:
It’s a very big club in a shopping mall setting: multiple dance floors, various styles of
music (Karaoke included) . Since there are different dance halls you can’t get bored.. a bit
of electronic there, R&B in the other room, hip hop…and electronic of course. The best
part? Cheap alcohol. 3.5 Euro for a gin tonic. 50 euro for a bottle of Bacardi and Cola. Not
The most interesting thing of this place is the people. It ‘s a place for young people
(below 25) who just want to have fun. We saw a lot of bachelor parties and good ratio
boy/girl. (sorry I can’t comment on the ratio of the Tresor – you can’t just see!!!). People
are quite easy going, I was approached by the bride, who apparently did not really care
she was going the get married:
Future Bride (FB): “something in German”
Me: “I have no fucking clue what you are saying”
FB: “Something in very poor English”
Me: “wow, when are you getting married?”
FB:” Friday”
Me: “Are you crazy? You are too young! How old are you?
FB : “Friday”
The conversation was clearly over …. Just to give you an idea of the people you might
meet there….
Anyway nice people, crazy bouncers… at the end of the night I was talking to a random
girl, when I saw a rugby team running in my direction… without going to much in details
I could get out from the club via the priority (forced) line…just because the girl I was
talking to was supposed to have stolen a wallet…and of course it was also my fault! After
clarifying with the police (btw- very professional, they explained me the situation in
English - I could not really have a conversation with the bouncers…..) they let me go….
Clean! Yeah again.

Crazy night/morning in Berlin
Crazy night/morning in Berlin

So in Berlin: you definitely need local tips in Berlin: the city is just too crazy and internet
is not really reliable… I had some luck with Couchsurfing, but I also invested a lot of time. I
started contacting people 4 weeks in advance… you can’t really do on short notice. And
I ended up meeting just one of the 5 girls I talked to.

Ok people, this was my first Blog post here… talk to you next time and in the mean time, download the Party With a Local App today!

By Daniele

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