From Dekmantel to ADE and Partying with Tiga

This story comes from Niall. Originally hailing from Ireland, he has lived in Amsterdam for years and loves the electronic dance music scene here.

One day early in the summer in Amsterdam I received a message on Party with a Local from a Canadian girl, Josie. She wanted to go to the Dekmantel festival and wanted to meet locals to join her Dekmantel crew. Since Dekmantel tickets sold out very fast and I'm not the advance planning type, I didn’t have tickets. However, I’m always down to meet up with like-minded people to party with so I told her to hit me up when she arrives in Amsterdam.

A couple weeks later, Josie messaged me again. She said that her friends bailed on her and asked if I wanted to go as she had 4 extra tickets now. Naturally, I didn’t hesitate to answer: “Of course!!”

She came to Amsterdam, met all my friends, and we had a blast at Dekmantel. We became fast friends.

A couple months later, she pinged me saying that she was coming to Amsterdam Dance Event with a couple friends. When we met up for the party (which she got me into for free), I realized that her friends were none other than… Tiga and his other DJ friends!!! I couldn’t believe I was taking shots backstage with one of the biggest electronic DJs of the world. Definitely an unexpected and AWESOME night to have come out of using the app!

Dekmantel Festival
Dekmantel Festival 2016 - Niall, Josie, and friends

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