A District-By-District Guide of Amsterdam’s Clubbing Hotspots

Everyone flocks to Amsterdam expecting a good time, and a night out in town in the city crowned as Europe's nightlife capital. Amsterdam even has their own Night Major, so you're definitely in the right place! So what's your pick? Leidseplein? Rembrandtplein? With Amsterdam's diverse districts, the list of clubs and venues are endless, and it's impossible to choose from if you don't know where you're heading.

No worries, we've partnered up with our friends at Favoroute to show you some of the hottest Amsterdam clubbing spots all over the city.

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Amsterdam Center

The City of Amsterdam is characterized by its cute "dancing" houses, scenic canals routes, and excess of debauchery that goes on in the night. Travelers most often set foot in the Center to get their bearings orientated before exploring the rest of the city. Therefore sites like Dam Square and Red Light District attract large groups of people, setting an exceptional party mood.


Located close to Central Station, Bitterzoet sets a vintage vibe, donned with graffiti trails on the walls. Once a former church, its intimate atmosphere is coupled with stained glass windows. Their program shows a variety of events from Afro-Cuban jazz fusion, funk jam, hip hop battles, and skateboard shows. With 2-floors to explore, the building comes with a spacious bar, large stage area and plenty of dancing space for all the party animals. At Bitterzoet, international and renowned DJs perform their sets alongside up and coming bands.


Located close to Leidseplein in the center, Melkweg is one of the most well known and popular dance clubs in the city. Melkweg, translates to "milky way" in Dutch, takes its name from the fact that it used to be a dairy factory. It has now been converted into concert halls with a total capacity of 2200 people. The venue is known for hosting famous performers and touring metal and progressive rock bands. In addition to the halls, Melkweg also has a cafe, theater, and functional cinema.


Paradiso is one of the best known Amsterdam clubs,  and its legacy is renowned internationally. The club and multifunctional venue in a former church that opened its door in 1967, offering a great experience for both locals and travelers. Starting out as a concert venue, it has now perfected its repertoire for DJ gigs and parties. The venue has a grand hall that accommodates 1500 people with beautiful stained glass windows, and open balconies with a great view. In the basement, you'll find more spacious rooms and a cafe.

Amsterdam's Clubbing Hotspots by District


Amsterdam West

Hailed as the most diverse boroughs of the city, the West is a microcosm of Amsterdam. Because it encompasses Westerpark, Oude-West, De Baarsjes, and Bos en Lommer, you can find plenty of things to do, see and eat from just this one area. From shopping to fine dining, cozy coffee corners to set-in-stone pubs, there’s nothing more enticing than wandering the vast district. Now when it comes to nightlife, you are not short on places to go.

De School

The club was originally a school that was converted into a multi-purpose space. De School is a nightclub, music venue, cultural center and restaurant all in one. The club’s preference to showcase local DJs makes it a little tricky to get in the door. But once you can show that you are a true music lover and techno-enthusiasts, you'll be welcomed to a whole new auditory experience.  The club is conveniently located in the old school’s bicycle storage area, which is in the basement. Unlike most venues, De School has a 24/7 permit and is opened every day.

Amsterdam's Clubbing Hotspots by District


WesterUnie is an industrial-style club for partygoers looking to start the night off with a bang. With a spacious dance hall, no-nonsense decor and over-the-top performances, you can expect lasers, strobe lights and excessive light shows to accommodate the techno, house and acid nights. Although the decor is ‘rough-around-the-edge’ with no-frill concrete and brick walls, it is centrally located on the beautiful grounds of Westerpark. By nightfall, you can expect a pumping vibe with every party held at this location.

Amsterdam East

The eastern part of Amsterdam is most often neglected by travelers due to its proximity from the center. Here, you’ll find a combination of modern and traditional establishments coexisting side by side: from Turkish bakeries to trendy restaurants & bars - with a more hipster vibe. A walk around the district will reveal the beautiful nature of Oosterpark, which provides a touch of green that is often sought after in the city. By nightfall, you’ll be able to experience the whimsical scenic walks away from the hectic city center, but don’t underestimate this area’s nightlife.


If you’re craving some epic beats and a spectacular show to see the biggest names in house and techno, then look no further than Panama Club. This venue is a multi-functional space, housing a nightclub, concert venue, lobby and restaurant all in one. Located in the northeast part of Amsterdam, just a stone’s throw from Central Station, it has an amazing view of the IJ River. The venue size accommodates 1050 people, which means there’s plenty of room to dance and jump to your favorite beat. There are also nights catered to trance, techno, urban, the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.


If you’re looking for an intimate vibe, then head over to Oosterbar. This cozy basement club boasts a lively night crowd looking to mingle, dance, and have a good time. Located under the Generator Hostel, the place gives an industrial, speakeasy atmosphere straight out of the New York’s roaring 20s. You won’t find your conventional house or party music here. Some of the most cutting-edge DJs are experimenting with fresh beats and tunes to give you something new to dance to. On other days, you can find hip-hop, R&B, funk, soul, and drum & bass, tech, and deep house. The club boasts an array of premium cocktails, cold beers, and your favorite alcoholic drinks. Ditch the crowd, and join the cozy atmosphere at Oosterbar.

Amsterdam's Clubbing Hotspots by District


Amsterdam North

Industrialized, suburban, and up and coming. Amsterdam Noord (North in Dutch) has the upbringing that is unique to the rest of Amsterdam. Three centuries ago Amsterdam Noord was home to a majority of craftsmen, merchants, shipbuilders. However, the overpopulation in Amsterdam during the 20th century led to more people moving across the river and developing the area to what it is today. Even though this district feels"separated" from the rest of the city, it is a hub for creative spaces and local pubs, bars, and clubs!


Just hop across the river, you’ll find Shelter club – a 24/7 dance club to satisfy your clubbing craze. It is one of the new kids on the block but has gained a reputation as one of the best dance clubs in Amsterdam. Opening its doors in 2016, the club obtained a rare 24-hour permit from the municipality of Amsterdam. You know what that means. A whole lot of hours for music! The club is pouring out Dance, House, and Techno for 24 hours! Shelter offers its guests a new and progressive clubbing experience with its unique style and string of big events. It is situated in the basement of Amsterdam Toren tower, just behind the Central Station across the River Ij.

Paradiso Noord - Tolhuistuin

A counter-venue to the Paradiso club in Leidseplein, this venue’s spacious dance hall accommodates up to 550 people. Partygoers can mingle in the various small rooms and the exhibition halls, while also enjoying the waterside terrace. Open to the public, it is considered the cultural mecca for all types of art and has established itself as a community hub in North Amsterdam.

Amsterdam's Clubbing Hotspots by District


Amsterdam South

Posh, chic and trendy. These are some of the words used to describe Old South Amsterdam and the surrounding neighborhoods. With plenty to see, do, and eat, the district is popular amongst people looking for an upscale restaurant or high-fashion shopping. Since it is close to the center, Old South has a variety of clubs, pubs, and bars, however, we like to go off the beaten path and show you something more local.


OT301 is a cultural space aimed at providing the community with a list of programs for music, dance, performances, theater, markets, and workshops. The multi-purpose venue was rescued by a group of artists (Eerste Hulp Bij Kunst) who want to support Amsterdam’s creative community. The venue offers a variety of live music, but weekends are often reserved for local and international DJ lineups of the highest quality.


Amsterdam is filled with odd spaces converted into musical venues or clubs, and Radion joins that growing list. Once an academic center for dentists, it has now fully formed into a cultural space for dancing, musical acts, theater, art exhibitions, performances, food markets, social meetups and other community events. While it may be a bit out of the way, Radio has some unforgettable techno nights that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Amsterdam's Clubbing Hotspots by District



So there you have it! A comprehensive list of all the best places to party in Amsterdam. Download the Favoroute app and get your free Amsterdam City Guide” for more routes, hotspots and insider knowledge of the city.

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