Getting People to Reply to You on Social Meetup Apps

At Party with a Local, members sometimes complain to us that the people they chat to don't reply to them.

From our side, we're trying our hardest to optimize our algorithm to show you people who were online recently as well as match you based on your bio and interests. We do our job by making regular tweaks to improve the usability of the app and help you make connections with new people.

Now it's time for you to do YOUR job - are you putting your best face forward to make people want to party with you?


Bios that are worth a reply

Your bio is über important. It's how you can build trust with your potential new friends before arranging to meet up. Even though they say a "picture is worth a thousand words," having a bio lets people hear your voice and therefore find you more trustworthy.

It's also a great way to assess if you and your potential party mates are into the same things. Write about what kind of parties you are into - whether it's bumping to techno at a dark club till dawn, rocking out in a dive bar, going to a ratchet pool party, or smoking it up at home. Let your party personality shine!

Don't know what to write? Here's some inspiration!

A hilarious bio...


A bio that conveys so much about her personality...Now there's someone who you'd want to reply to!


A bio that talks about the type of party he's into and encourages you to reach out!



Photos that make you want to reply

Share photos of yourself being fun and social on your profile. It is a party app after all!

Picture of yourself being active, and out and about? Yes!

Pwal user

Picture of you in an animal costume? Yes!

Animal costume

Pictures of you downing shots? Hell yes!


Half naked mirror photo? No thanks! (I'm looking at the gym rats here).

muscle man

Dick or naked pics? Don't even go there! You will be kicked off the app faster than you can yell "PENIS"!

We'll spare you from seeing the pic here =)

What to Say to get a reply

To maximize your chance of making some new party friends, your opening line is everything. There's already a lot of advice on how to get a reply on dating apps, but what about on a party app?

According to our research, people who initiate conversations with just a "Hi" or "Hi, how are you?" get abysmal response rates.

no reply

And of course, people that say "You're beautiful" or "Want to netflix and chill?" probably will get reported.

slap reply

We found that the most successful first messages that get replies, are when you suggest a cool party or activity to do together. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Also, make your message specific to the person. Actually take the time to read their bio and check on their pictures to assess whether or not you'd be party compatible.

So, instead of a lame "Hey!", say: "Hey! I see in your bio that you like techno, do you want to go to the Awakenings party together on Saturday?"

reply for best friends

Asking for tips works well too. Serious party animals love to show off their party knowledge. If you say to a rocker guy, "I'm looking to go to a rock club this weekend, do you have any suggestions?", they'll usually be very happy to share their passion with you! And likely want to come with too.

If you're a sports guy looking for another guy to hit the pub with, say: "Hey man, are you watching the basketball game today?"

If it's a sunny day and you just want to be out and about, suggest a random idea like: "Want to get drunk with cheap beers in the park?"

drunk reply

Finally, send messages to more than one person to make sure you maximize your chances of getting a reply and making plans! If by any chance more than one person responds, why not get the whole group together for a group night out?

Party with a Local is a meetup app. The sooner you can meet someone offline, the better an experience you'll have!

So get chatting and party on!?

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