How do real Amsterdammers celebrate King’s Day

Well, if you don't know yet, we will tell you that for Dutch people, King's Day is a very big deal! It's like Oktoberfest for Germans or Carnival for Brazilians. Everyone, and we mean everyone really, goes crazy, dances, drinks, shows its talents and makes new friends. You are free to do anything you want on this day!

Wanna join a boat party and have tons of fun with orange locals and expats? Sure! Feel the groove of the city right in the middle of the street without worrying about traffic? Why not?! Wear a silly wig or a tiger costume and still feel like the King of the world? You are more than welcome!

We've selected some images from the King's day 2015, so if you couldn't make to this one, you'll definitely would want to come to the one next year and join Party with a local in our cool festive boat! Yeah :)

kings day
And the gathering starts when the sun is up!

kings day
Feel like going on a boat party? Ask the locals and hop on!

kings day
Small boat, big boat.. Just pick one!

Dress the way you like, but don't forget about the color!

And by the way, the weather is always nice! Every year!

A cool hat, a silly wig, a crown or a pair of funny shades - this is King's Day, baby!

Party with all the ages right in the street!

kings day
It is the only day of the year that you can be Maxima! (Or actually, even cooler than her!)

kings day
Orange isn't your natural hair colour? No worries, it's the easiest thing to fix on the King's Day!

kings day
Looking for a soulmate? Catch one's attention by pulling the tail!

kings day
"Style? I haz it!"

kings day
Better have the swag!

kings day
Getting high on balloons is also an option!

kings day
It is definitely a day for a good selfie!

kings day
Brazilian-Scottish dances?! Only on King's Day!

And keep an eye on your beer! Because otherwise, others will :)

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