How we took Berlin

On Tuesday, the 14th of July, the Party with a Local team flew to Berlin. To enjoy the craziness of the city, to hit some awesome night clubs, to meet our Super Locals that were waiting to grab a cold Berliner Kind with us at a nearest Späti and of course... probably the main reason - to attend the Tech Open Air 2015! As usual, Berlin was very welcoming and met us with its arms wide open - "Go on, take everything, take everything, I want you to...", it screamed to us with Courtney Love's voice. And we did what the city asked us to :). Check our adventures in the list of places below.

K-fetisch Berlin

Address: Wildenbruchstrasse 86, Neukölln

Opening time: 10:00-00:00 Tuesday-Sunday

Price: 1 croissant with butter and marmalade €2, espresso €1


Do you wanna know the first thing we did when we arrived in Berlin? We went straight to K-fetisch café! As our community manager Izaac already lived in this wonderful city, he knew its hot spots. So, of course, as soon as we landed, he took us straight there. Yes, after waking up at 3 am to catch the early flight at Schiphol, we were super hungry & exhausted.

It kind of helped that the café was in the same neigbourhood as our Airbnb apartment, Neukölln. As you know, Berlin is much bigger than Amsterdam, so to have places in your area and not worrying about taking U-Bahn or S-Bahn (local transport) makes your day free of stress.

Apart from a great variety of coffees, teas, croissants and cakes, K-fetisch café has this magical, almost home-cozy atmosphere, free books to read and to buy and some pretty cool music. There is also free wi-fi, but... don't get your laptop out straight away, in order not to be banned. You can navigate on the internet only on certain tables, others simply have the sign: "No laptop here! Thanks". But it's not necessarily a bad thing. Get a glass of wine, a piece of a nice cake and read a book or a magazine. Berlin is catching a "be slow" trend and if you're here, just flow with it. Oh, interesting to note, is that you can actually smoke inside the café if you sit in the smoking area. And if you leave some tips, the money will go to support refugees in Berlin.

Sahara Imbiss

Address: Reuterstr. 56, Neukölln

Opening time: 11:00 - 1.00 Monday-Sunday

Price: kebab with falafel & halloumi €3, a big bottle of Club Mate €1.50


Almost at the corner of the same street as K-fetish, there is this amazing Sudanese snack point with the best (and probably cheapest) kebabs you've ever tasted! We paid €3 for a large pita bread filled to the top with falafel (or chicken as you wish), delicious halloumi cheese, salad, tomatoes, yogurt and unique spicy peanut sauce. I mean, if there is happiness in Berlin, ours was definitely hiding in here. After waking up at 3 am, we definitely needed some real food energy! To wash everything down, Club Mate is always a great option. Only €1.50 for a big bottle of this delicious natural energy drink.


Address: Weserstraße 207, Neukölln

Opening time: Every day from 10 am (Sunday from 12 pm) until 1:30 am

Price: Entry €3, beer & mixed drinks are quite cheap


You definitely should come to this this rooftop if you are looking for one of the best views over Berlin, amazing drinks and fun people. We went there with some Party with a Local Super Locals & absolutely loved it. Not counting a huge line where we spent around 40 minutes, the place is really amazing, so to queue up (with a cold beer in your hand) is actually worth it. It's for sure the best experience on a hot Summer day. You can sit on a sandy playground and sip your beer while chatting to people from all possible countries and backgrounds. If you are looking for some diverse and laid-back atmosphere, Klunkerkranich is a place to be.


Address: Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 3, Kreuzberg

Opening time: Depends on the party starts 22:00/00:00

Price: Entry €10


Chalet was the first Berlin club that we hit. Not particularly a strict door policy as in the other clubs in town. We got in without being questioned and even without receiving dirty looks, as normally happens. The atmosphere is quite fun and bouncy. Definitely a great place to go with a big group of friends, so you all can catch techno vibes indoors or just relax and drink gin & tonic and smoke a cigarette by the campfire in the colourful and vibrant backyard.

Club der Visionaere

Address: Am Flutgraben 1

Opening time: from 00:00

Price: Entry €3


Quite a nice place to visit in Summer. As it sits just by the river, it has a very nice view and the whole atmosphere seems to be relaxed and laid-back. We went there on a Tuesday night (all pretty tired and grumpy), so it wasn't as fun as expected. It's probably much better closer to the weekend and definitely with more cheerful company. Sorry team, lol.

Pho Phan

Address: Hermannstr. 152, Neukölln

Opening time: 11:30 am - 11:30 pm

Price: vegetarian meal €5.50, with chicken or meat €6.50

partywithalocalberlinthai food-resized

Pretty good place to get a nice meal before hitting the clubs. Some delicious salad rolls with tender chicken, beef or shrimps, spicy duck meat with rice or cellophane noodles and much more... You can try eat in, but the place is usually quite packed. Luckily they also do take away! The box is well-served and you can even share it with a friend. The prices are sooo Berlin, lovely :).


Address: Forster Str. 5

Opening time: Winter time: Thu - Sun from 07:00 pm, Summer time: Tue - Sun from 11: 00 pm

Price:  a glass of red wine €4

foto 2 (1)adam

We went to this wine bar for a travel bloggers gathering and if we would stay in Berlin longer, we would definitely go back as many times as possible. The place is specialized in Italian wines only, but you can also get normal German beers or soft drinks. Perfect for meet-ups as it has this ideal cozy atmosphere that inspires a good chat. In the Summer, the outside area is just great for some gossips over a cigarette. When you get there, make sure you meet Aurora Facciola, the owner. She is very friendly and will do everything to make you feel comfortable even if you consider yourself more of a beer person.

Café Treibholz

Address: Hermannstr. 37

Opening time: Mon - Fri: 08:00–18:00, Sat - Sun: 10:00–18:00

Price:  cappuccino €2.50, black coffee with ice €2.30

foto (2)-breakfast

Looking for something healthier than our usual ration of kebabs and wursts, we bumped into this vegan café and decided to stay for a breakfast. Delicious banana bread with some fresh brewed coffee (hot & cold) was exactly what we need after another night of partying. If you are like us - can't get much sleep in Berlin, drop by this place to recharge your batteries, you won't regret it!


Address: Hauptstraße 15

Opening time: endless party

Price:  €10

partywithalocalberlinsisyphoseWe got here around 3 am hoping to avoid the queuing, but we were wrong, the line was so long, that it would take us at least two hours to get in. But of course we are Party with a Local - happy shiny people holding hands, lol. So, of course we entered easily without even lining up. And... it was the BEST time ever! No phones, no cameras are allowed to be used inside, but instead, you can have a slice of delicious vegetarian pizza and a drink and enjoy some damn good time at a nice playground with rocking zebras... If you fancy some hardcore techno, then leave the toys out. Go inside of one of the smoky rooms, where the music is pumping through the walls (and through your veins) and where the lights are strong enough to blind you. At least it was the experience we had. If you haven't been here yet, go ahead, try it out!

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