Introducing: Events on Party with a Local

Have you ever...

...Missed your favorite artist's concert because none of your friends were free to go with you?

...Or worse yet, none of your friends are into the same music, period?

Our research shows that 80% of millennials have missed an event they wanted to attend in the past year due to not having the right company to go with.

In fact, within the Party with a Local app, we’ve seen week after week that users were using the 'Party Status' function for this very purpose - to find people to go to events with. The Party Status is meant to be for spontaneous meet-ups tonight and statuses disappear after several hours. However, people were posting statuses for the same festivals day after day to see if anyone wants to go to festivals or events weeks in advance.

Best Bar Amsterdam Wednesday

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the top requested feature on the app over the past year has been a group event and meet up feature. Folks want to be able to plan for a festival or upcoming concert and gather like-minded people to attend together.

Today we’re excited to announce that Party with a Local’s “Join the Party” events feature is here!

Now you can:

  • Discover & Join events near you
  • Share events you want to meet up foR
  • Meet fun likeminded people to party with


As we beta-tested the feature, we’ve already seen people meet up all over the world for events - from the Above & Beyond Halloween show in New York City to dozens of parties during the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Party with a Local 3.0 is officially available on both iOS and Android platforms. Now you that you can easily party anytime, anywhere in the world. Check it out on the Apple iTunes Store & Google Play!

Watch our video below for a product demo:

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