Introducing Globetrotter on Party with a Local

Party with a Local is the app to use for spontaneous meetups. It’s the go-to app for anyone who wants to party, tonight, anywhere in the world. Our online app is only the means to an end - we’re all about offline, face-to-face meetups. People you meet via the app shouldn’t end up as your pen pal, but an actual real life friend that you’ve met, serendipitously.

For those that are traveling the world and prefer to make plans in advance, we have created the Globetrotter premium feature just for you, available on iOS only for now. Globetrotter subscribers will be able to initiate conversations with users who are in a different city (more than 50km away from your current location). You will always be able to chat with someone you have once connected with.


For a limited time, you can enjoy 60% off the regular price and get a monthly subscription for as low as $1.99 per month. Try it now!

Rest assured that the core app remains free - you can always find and message people around you for free. While the introduction of paid features may feel upsetting to some, please realize that we are building a business and need to generate income in order to maintain costs of running the app, innovating the service, and safeguarding the community.

In the coming months, we plan to continue to expand the tools that Globetrotters can use to roam the world. We'll love to soon allow Globetrotters to set a status in a different city, appear in different cities, and be featured in different cities.

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