Is Berlin your type of city?

At Facciola (more about this place here), the same wine bar that we met Adam (see his Berlin tips in the previous post Secrets of The Hipster Capital of Europe), we met another very cool and friendly travel blogger, Cheryl Howard.

Originally from Canada, Cheryl has been in love with Berlin since 2011. Yes, she left everything in Toronto and started an absolutely new life in the most exciting European city. "Yeah, Berlin is totally my type of city. It has everything you wish to have starting from a delicious and cheap food to crazy parties 24/7."

So, if you are just like Cheryl, enjoy going out dancing, drinking and eating delicious food from all over the world, Berlin is definitely your type of city too: to visit and who know, maybe even to live! We asked Cheryl about some of her favourites.

1) What is favourite night club in Berlin?

Cheryl: "It's ://about blank. I love this so Berlin style night club (industrial design, techno & tough bouncers) that hosts one of the most exciting parties in Berlin, Homopatic."

2) What about a bar?

"One of my favourites it's this pub/restaurant in Prenzlauerberg neigbourhood called Salt n Bone. Great atmosphere, friendly people and really good craft beers, cocktails and snacks."

3) Another cool bar you can suggest Cheryl?

"I quite like Wohnzimmer. It's another bar in the same neigbourhood, Prenzlauerberg. It looks looks like this cozy living room where you can have a croissant, a coffee, a beer or a wine and just relax. This is totally my getaway from a hectic Berlin life."

4) And what's the best place in Berlin to grab a tasty bite?

"Definitely Thai Park. It's like an open-air market in Preußenpark that runs every weekend with this super tasty and spicy Thai delicacies (fried & fresh). Definitely worth stopping by!"

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