Meeting New People in Amsterdam

If you're moving to Amsterdam for the first time, there's plenty of advice out there about sorting out the basics - how to find a house, where to look for work, how to set up a bank account, what kind of health insurance you need, where to go out...

But when it comes to the really important stuff - like how to meet new people - there isn't so many pointers.

Building a social life is a HUGE part of settling into a new city, so as someone who recently moved to Amsterdam and had to start from scratch, I'd like to share some of my experiences and tips on settling in as a newcomer.

Meeting New People in Amsterdam: Tips & Resources

Sharing a common interest with someone is great for cutting out the small talk.

On you can find and join groups of people in Amsterdam who share the same interests as you and participate in various meetups - from photography and fitness, to cooking and singing... the list goes on!

Just sign up online to the groups that take your fancy and you can meet a bunch of people who are into the same activities as you.


Though whilst Meetup is a great resource, it doesn't cover all bases. The meetups you can attend here are planned in advance and quite stuctured: it's not the place to find someone to spontaneously just grab a drink with...

Party with a Local

Think about all the great people you've met on a night out... partying is definitely an awesome way to make memories and create new friendships. But in a new city, it can be hard to find people to go out with.

With the app Party with a Local you can find people around you who love to party and are up for meeting new people. Whether it's to grab a drink, go clubbing, or go see your favourite band, there is always someone on Party with a Local to hang out with.

And the beauty of this app is that it is perfect for spur of the moment meetups. No plans on a Friday night? Think twice!

Party with a Local also hold a number of events here in Amsterdam (boat parties, rooftop sessions...). Keep an eye on their Facebook page to see what's on!

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Learn the Language

A great way to integrate and impress the locals is to learn a bit of the language. Here in Amsterdam it might not seem that essential since everyone speaks such great english, but I can tell you from experience that it's always a great conversation starter if you can speak a little Dutch. Besides, how else are you going to order your drink at the bar?!

In addition to helping you impress the locals, taking a language course is also a great way to meet other people on the course (who are also possibly new to the city and looking to make new friends!).

I had a great experience with the School for Dutch, located in de Pijp area. The class was warm and welcoming with lovely people, and every lesson was a lot of fun!


Be a YES person

Moving to a new country (or even just a new city) is a big deal! It can definitely be a frightening prospect - but it's also a chance to grab every opportunity that comes your way. My best advice? Be open, take chances, say 'yes'. You never know what can happen!


This post was written by Izzy, an English girl who recently moved to Amsterdam to live and work. 

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