Meet the Locals #1: New York DJ CFLO

This post is part of the "Meet the Locals" series where Party with a Local finds out the nightlife tips and city secrets you need to know from local nightlife experts around the world.

If anyone knows the local nightlife scene, it's the DJs. This week we caught up with CFLO, one of New York's busiest DJs, to find out his top NYC spots, drink of choice and ambitions for the future.

1. What does the perfect night out in NYC look like to you?
I work 4-5 nights a week DJing, so I don’t really go out unless I’m working. The perfect night for me would be getting dinner at an East Village restaurant, not drinking (because I do that all the time while I work) and keeping it low key at home watching Seinfeld!

2. So when you do drink, what is your drink of choice?
Vodka Soda is my go to, preferably Titos vodka. The soda acts like water and keeps me hydrated while working long hours :)

3. What is your favourite NYC venue?
I really like Rec Room - it's a very intimate and gorgeous venue, and the music format is really fun. I also love playing at Vandal on Sundays because it's very low key and I play lot of RnB I don't get to play elsewhere. But if you're looking for something more high energy, then club 205 is a good call - it's dark, loud and small.
Check out CFLO's calendar to find out when he's playing these venues next.

4. Great recommendations! What is your favourite track of all time?
Baby ft Clipse - What Happened to That Boy (produced by The Neptunes)


5. When did you start DJing? Where do you wanna be in 5 years?
I’ve been DJing for 16 years (since 2000). Every year is better than the last, and I couldn’t imagine I’d be where I am today even just five years ago, so it’s hard to have something like that in mind. Ultimately I’d like to get my career to the point where I’d be able to live anywhere, because I’d be DJing out of state markets often enough that it wouldn't matter where home base is.

6. What do you think differentiates you from other DJs?
I play pretty wide open format, which means I play many genres over the course of a set. The element of fun is very apparent in my live sets as I switch rapidly between vibes to keep things moving.

7. And finally... Would you rather play "Friday" by Rebecca Black in every set you play for the rest of your career OR have "Baby" by Justin Bieber stuck in your head for the rest of your life? And why?
Without a doubt Justin Bieber’s “Baby” because Rebecca Black’s song was written by some viral marketing production company and Baby was written and produced by The-Dream. The-Dream is one of my favourite artists of all time, and you can hear his writing and production in any song he has a hand in. He’s a musical genius, and although I’m not the biggest Justin Bieber fan, “Baby" is an amazing record (except for Ludacris’ wack ass verse).

You can hear CFLO play at Southside NYC this Friday December 2nd, and check his calendar for other upcoming dates!

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