Meet the Locals #2: NYC Party Expert & Owner of Quiet Events, Will Petz

This post is part of the “Meet the Locals” series where Party with a Local finds out the nightlife tips and city secrets you need to know from local nightlife experts around the world.

Have you ever been to a Silent Disco? If you haven't, you've got to check it out! This week we spoke to Will Petz, Party Expert & owner of Quiet Events. Quiet Events is the first company to throw silent disco parties all around New York City. Now they've expanded to be all over the country as well. Find out his inspiration, why you have to go, and his go-to spot in NYC.

Will Petz, New York Party Expert

1. What inspired you to start Quiet Clubbing?

I first experienced it on a cruise ship and had so much fun.  I wanted to do it again with my friends when I got back but I couldn’t’ find any place doing them. At the time, which was 5 years ago, no one had a clue what this was.  The first event took almost an hour before a few people danced.  However, by the end of the night, everyone had a blast.  Today there’s lines of people waiting to get in to dance with headphones, but there’s still those that don’t know what to expect and run up to us bragging how the party was the most fun they have had in years.

2. What do you think makes it such a special experience?

There’s so many social and psychological aspects that make Quiet Clubbing such a wonderful experience. The first is that it’s super social, contradictory to what most people expect. All you do is take your headphones off and have a normal conversation, put them back on and party hard. You now control the DJ, unlike a regular club where the DJ thinks he/she is spinning good music, the DJ can look into the crowd and see based on the LED headphone color who’s listening and switch it up if needed. Lastly when people have the headphones on we call it the “show mentality”, people sing, dance like no one is watching making it fun to watch, listen and be a part of.


3. Quiet Events has done lots of different types of parties. Which has been your favourite edition so far?

Our Mobile Parties are by far the best night out.  These are where we take 100 people and dance on the subway, ferries, in random stores and places while playing two channels of music.  While that is happening your MC / Guide is teaching you cool facts about the city & making you do silly flash mob things to on-lookers. Every night is always different!


4. If you’re not at a Quiet Clubbing party, what is your go-to bar or club in New York?

Being in the night scene, when I want to relax I try to find those hidden mixology bars that you can sit back enjoy a cocktail and hang with friends.  My go to spot is “The Last Word” - a bar that looks like a hardware store from the outside and you need to ring a bell to get into.

5. What’s your inner party animal?

I think I'd be a Laughing Hyena... they look like they're having a good time!

Try it out for yourself on December 17 at Stage 48 in NYC or check their calendar for other upcoming parties.

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