Meet the Locals #3: New York DJ IZM

This post is part of the “Meet the Locals” series where Party with a Local finds out the nightlife tips and city secrets you need to know from local nightlife experts around the world.

This week we spoke to New York City based DJ IZM to find out the hottest spots in NYC for food, drinks, atmosphere and dancing according to him, and get the scoop on his brand new night Partysharks... 

New York Based DJ IZM

1. What are your go-to bars or clubs in NYC?

I'd have to say that I love DJing at Pianos on Wednesdays - it's one of my favorite midweek, non-pretentious spots, but my favorite bar or club depends on my mood and night of the week too. Read on to find out about IZM's brand new night, Partysharks, at Pianos.

For great food, drinks, DJs & atmosphere I would hit:
• Mr Purple in Hotel Indigo (Lower East Side)
• The Stanton Social
• Vandal
• or La Esquina

If I want to go dancing, I will usually end up at:
• Cielo on a Tuesday for Toca Tuesdays with Tony Touch

And for weekend dancing:
• Tender Trap
• The Counting Room
• Baby's Alright
• Kinfolk
• The Woods
• or Louie & Chan.


2. Wow, so many suggestions, awesome! So what is the craziest thing that happened to you on a night out?

I'm pretty low key when I go out so not much craziness ensues, but some nights while DJing Wednesdays we were graced by the presence of DJ Kool Herc whom (if your not familiar with him) is credited with creating the genre of Hip Hop! Another night, Jarobi White from ATCQ came through, as well as Hannibal Burress on a couple of other nights... again, nothing "wild" but inspirational to be in the presence of such tastemakers nonetheless!

3. You've just started a brand new night in NYC. Can you tell me a bit about the inspiration behind this and what people can expect at Partysharks?

I started the Partysharks brand in Portland, Oregon, about 6 years ago based off an illustration of a partying shark my buddy Mike Ewing did for one of my fliers. From there it evolved into a monthly party with myself and NYC DJ Big Vic at The Counting Room in Williamsburg, 1st Friday of the month.

Starting Wednesday 12/7, I will be curating the Partysharks night every Wednesday upstairs at Pianos (Lower East Side of Manhattan) with myself & different weekly guest DJs.

Pianos is an iconic music venue on Ludlow Street and it's a guaranteed good time any night of the week. On Wednesdays we will be specializing in Open Format "partymusic" which spans almost every music genre mixing classic party jams + the hottest new songs that make people want to dance.


4. That sounds great! And where do you want to be in 5 years time?

Within 5 years I would like to see myself DJing at bigger venues, providing more DJ support for live performances, doing my own radio show, as well as booking & curating at a couple more venues. My long term goal is to do all of this at my own spot within 10 years.

5. Finally a tough one... Would you rather go on a romantic weekend with Mozart or get a music theory lesson from Paris Hilton?

Although Mozart was a well dressed and talented guy, I feel like a whole weekend with him romantically would get old very quick, so I'd probably grab the music theory lesson from Paris for the entertainment value, and who knows, maybe her, my girlfriend and I could go out afterward and see where it all leads...

Check out DJ IZM on Mixcloud or catch him every Wednesday night for Partysharks upstairs at Pianos in NYC! And this month is DECEMBER-HER: a month of female guest DJs at Partysharks. Check it!


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