Party with a Local Story #5: Lisbon Pool Break-In

This story is submitted by an user who wishes to stay anonymous, about a crazy party night in Lisbon involving jumping over a fence and breaking in a pool!

I was staying in Lisbon for the weekend and after talking with some locals via Party with a Local I went to meet them at a small bar in Sesimbra, a beach town near Lisbon.

They were a big group and they were all nice people, and the mood that night was really great.

But then the music stopped way too early and we still had all this energy, so we were just wandering in the streets until one of the guys said that we could go to his building’s pool to get the party continued.

Obviously we all accepted and when we got there we had to jump over the fence to get to the pool.

At that point I didn’t even think about why we had to jump over if it was his building.

So we got to the pool, we got undressed and we stayed there for a couple of hours, and it was awesome.

It got pretty wild but then came the building’s doorkeeper who said that we couldn’t be there and that he’d call the police if we didn’t leave.

That’s when I realized that it wasn’t the guy’s building!

We all left from the same spot we had entered, but for all that happened it still remains a night to remember, and one of the best I’ve ever had!

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