New York City on a Thursday Night: Where to Party

Thursday night is when the New York City ignites once again after the weekday lull and starts to ramp up to party for the weekend. The clubs and bars we recommended for Wednesday nights in the Meatpacking District (besides Marquee, which is not really in Meatpacking anyway) are all open - but rest of NYC is bustling too. Here are the New York City Thursday night hotspots for partying.


Key Bar (Downtown). Key Bar is an intimate and quirky dive bar in the Lower East Side. Not only are the drinks cheap, they also got Happy Hour every single day until 10pm for their buy-one-get-one free deal. The best thing is they give you vouchers for the free drinks, which you can redeem even when its not happy hour or on a different day. I love Key Bar!

Thursday Night party New York City NYC
Key Bar on any night of the week. Source:

WA Bar (Midtown). WA Bar is my favorite bar in Koreatown in Manhattan. Three reasons to go: 1) The music is always great and they have a live DJ, who, at least back when I lived in NYC, was really hot 2) $1 Oyster Happy Hour on Thursday and $5 well drinks 3) Yummy Korean-American fusion bar snacks. Great spot to get the night going!

Biddy (Uptown). If you find yourself Updown, on the Upper East Side, Biddy is an Irish bar and a fun hidden spot off the beaten path. Thursday Night (~9:00pm) is trivia night, and trivia and beer isn't something to be missed. Round of shots for the best team name and a bar tab for the winning team. In addition, there's Happy Hour from 5pm-8pm. It's the best dive bar in the neighborhood for afterwork drinks. Cheap drinks and overall just a great spot to get the weekend started!


Lavo NYC (Midtown). We can't talk about clubbing on a Thursday night without mentioning Lavo. Lavo goes all out for their Thursday night parties, and they are almost always packed. If you're into big name electronic music DJs, chances are you will recognize their headliners on Thursday nights. Like Marquee, you have to dress to impress to gain admittance, which is up to the doorman's discretion and subject to long queues. However, the good thing is that you also can buy an entry ticket in advance through their website so that you don't have go under the doormen's scrutiny.

Thursday Night party New York City NYC
Lavo GoGo Dancer & Crowd. Source:

Bembe (Williamsburg) A very popular club with Latin and Afro beats all night long! Just a couple steps from Manhattan in Brooklyn's hippest area Williamsburg, Bembe attracts a fun crowd every night. It's an unpretentious, easy-going club for those that want to let their hair down for the night and dance all night long. With beats like theirs, even the type of person that just stands at the side of the bar and watch will not be able to resist dancing. They even got live percussion! Beware: The club is very small so things can get caliente, some crotches might be brushing against yours. But if you like Latin music, you must visit this venue at least once.

Thursday Night party New York City NYC
Bembe Afro & Latin Club. Source:


Kunjip (Midtown). Foursquare tells me that I've checked in at Kunjip 26 times over my 3 years living in NYC. I'm pretty sure 90% of those visits were after 4am, too. This Korean restaurant (like many other Korean restaurants in K-town) is pretty much open 24 hours a day. My favorite food to eat here when drunk is the Kimchi Chigae and the Spicy Pork and Kimchi Stirfry. I always regret eating so much the next day, but GOD DAMMIT why does Korean food taste so good when I'm drunk??

Thursday Night party New York City NYC
Food from Kunjip!

For more advice on what to do in NYC on any night of the week & people to party with, check out the Party with a Local app!

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