New York’s Best Speakeasy Bars

Speakeasies, or hidden bars, are our favourite places to drink in New York City... because what's more local than a secret bar?!  We asked our Super Locals in NYC for their favourite speakeasies - but keep it to yourself!

1. Apotheke

Apotheke is a retro pharmacy-style cocktail bar, with the decor and and menu to match, hidden in the depths of China Town.

Top tip: Head there on Tuesday nights for unforgettable live music by the best brass band you'll hear - the High and Mighty Brass Band - from 10pm.

Check out their menu and more here.


2.  Please Don't Tell

What may look like an East Village hot dog shop from the outside is actually the entrance to one of New York's most exclusive speakeasies. Find the phone booth and follow the instructions to get inside...

Top tip: Make a reservation or it will be tough to get in. Phone lines open at 3pm.

Find the number for reservations here.


3. Bathtub Gin

If gin's your thing then this one's for you. Find your way into this elegant cocktail bar through a small, unassuming coffeeshop in Chelsea. Small plates also served.

Top Tip: If you're feeling adventurous, head over on Sunday evening for their burlesque show from 9:30pm.

Check it out here.


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