No Kids On The Dancefloor

Amsterdam's only club night for over 24s


Tired of feeling like a granny on the dance floor? Fear no more. Komm schon Alter offers up evenings with the best warm, melodic house and techno music - with an age restriction.

The strict 24+ age limit at all events from komm schon Alter means you don’t have to worry about feeling like a pensioner on the dance floor anymore. Youngsters, teenagers, and youth complexes are parked outside. The name is taken from the track ‘Nein Mann’ by 3D Laserkraft, meaning ‘come on (old) friend’.


As the only events label in Amsterdam to focus exclusively on the mature crowd, komm schon Alter offers up unforgettable nights for the sophisticated raver.

With a carefully crafted line-up of the best melodic techno artists from around the world, a unique venue, beautiful people and good vibes only, you definitely don’t want to miss the next edition of komm schon Alter. Forget paying for toilets and long queues: here you will actually be treated like an adult. And if you do end up waiting, you’re likely to get a free shot of vodka or some merchandise!

All previous club editions have completely sold out, with the solo female organiser of these events gathering a large following of ‘Alters’ or ‘Überalters’ (special ambassadors and super fans) over the past few years - proof of how unmissable these events are. 

The next edition of komm schon Alter will take place on the 20th May, this time taking residence in the legendary Warehouse Elementenstraat in Amsterdam. With a line-up inspired by Burning Man’s Robot Heart stage, Alex Niggemann will take the lead alongside resident Miss Melera. Check out the event here:

But don't miss out! 50% of late tickets for the next event are already sold out. Get yours here:

Komm schon Alter XI is set to be another killer. See you there... sorry kids.

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