Party Agenda Amsterdam

Party Agenda Amsterdam
There's always A LOT going on in Amsterdam and you definitely don't want to miss the nightlife experience this exciting city offers.
Don't bother looking at a full event or party agenda for the whole city. We take you directly to the good stuff.
Below we've got links to the Party Agendas for our selection of the best best bars, clubs and live music venues in Amsterdam.

Party Agenda for Clubbers

Tiemen Rapati
By Tiemen Rapati

Love clubbing? Amsterdam is home to some of the best clubs, DJs and parties in Europe. Dance music is huge in Amsterdam... Check out the Club Party Agenda for the best clubs in Amsterdam:

Studio 80 Party Agenda
Doka Party Agenda
Club Air Party Agenda

Party Agenda for Live Music fans


There are variety of live music venue in Amsterdam where you can have fun with friends and enjoying the most out of different sorts of live music. Some of the best live music venue Party Agendas:

Paradiso Party Agenda
Melkweg Party Agenda
Heineken Music Hall Party Agenda
Ziggo Dome Party Agenda

Party Agenda for Bar lovers

By webted
By webted

Ok, bar lovers - here you go! Amsterdam will no disappoint upset you with its large number of awesome bars. Some with cool parties going on:

Roest Party Agenda
Hannekes Boom Party Agenda (Dutch only)
De Nieuwe Anita Party Agenda
Pllek Party Agenda (Dutch only)

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