Party with a Local Story #12: Marijuana, Mushrooms & Molly…

Disclaimer: Party with a Local does not encourage drug use, but respects people's decisions to take them.

This story was submitted by an Amsterdam local, Steven*. 

"My craziest Party with a Local story started when I met up with an American girl, Sarah*, who was visiting Amsterdam and looking to party.

We grabbed some lunch and directly after she wanted to smoke weed. I didn't mind, but I don't smoke weed so I was the sober one. Right after after she smoked, she went to buy magic mushrooms.

I told her not to mix 'cos she might get a bad trip, but despite my advice she took half a package which is a lot in my opinion ? ... And then the crazy woman took a molly right after that ? !

I was certain I was gonna have to rush her to the hospital when everything kicked in... I never panic easily but this time I was like: "Oooohhh snap ? !!".

... But the hospital didn't happen, so that was a relief!!

So Sarah had her trip (talking to trees ? ) and we laughed a lot about it before she went back to her hotel as I had to DJ that night.

The next day, Sarah met with a friend of hers and they did the same thing again!

The hospital part that didn't happen the day before happened that day. We were supposed to meet later but I couldn't reach her. I started to panic and called her hotel and mobile a few times because I felt kind of responsible.

The next day I managed to get in touch. We met, and Sarah told me her story ? . The problem was that she hadn't eaten or slept well due to her jet lag, and then smoked weed and took a molly again.

She told me she passed out in front of her hotel and got picked up by an ambulance. The police was there too and they basically laughed at her.

At the hospital she started to cry and panic because she was afraid about losing her job. She thought she was in trouble about the drugs, but the nurse reassured her: "It's ok, darling, we see things like this every day". Only in Amsterdam!

After a good night's sleep everything was fine again, but this was definitely the weirdest situation I've been in after meeting someone through Party with a Local - it's not the usual (though it's exciting as well ? )!

Overall, it was an awesome experience! And what made it special was that I was sober the whole time so I got to witness someone else tripping ? . "

But don't worry, you don't have to take a cocktail of drugs to enjoy the Party with a Local app! Download today and join the party!

*The names of the parties involved have been changed to protect their privacy.

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