Party with a Local Story #10: From Portugal to Brazil!

 This story is from a Lisbon local, Manu, who met an Amsterdam traveler in Lisbon.. they turned out to have many things in common!

I just read about Party With a Local on this website and was excited to download it and meet some cool people.

So I got the app and in less than 1 minute: done! I have received a message!

Hundred kilometers away from Lisbon, Kath also has just downloaded the app (who knows maybe even same minute i did!) and sent me a message.

She is from Amsterdam and was about to have a short flight connection in Lisbon and was really keen to discover the city she's never been to with someone local.

In less than 1 hour we were already meeting in Rossio. And here comes another coincidence... Kath was actually travelling to Brazil, my country of origin!! And to make it more shocking, considering the enormous territory of Brazil, she was going to MY city, Fortaleza.

And that moment Party With a Local went to another level for me!

Apart from giving Kath the Lisbon tips and showing her the best local spots in the city I also had an opportunity to tell her all the cool local stuff that she could do in Fortaleza. 2 in 1! :) Party With a Local is this: the fusion of different cultures! And that's why I love the idea of the app so much! <3

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