Party Report: Komm schon Alter XI

Last week, a bunch of Party with a Local Super Locals hit komm schon Alter - Amsterdam's only tech/house events label exclusively for those aged 24 and above. There was a lot of hype around komm schon Alter, so there was high expectations... did the night match up in reality? Read our Party Report here.

komm schon alter xi-21

If you’re into melodic techno/house, this night would have been your musical paradise. Dark and danceable... Super Locals Baiba & Tendelle loved the music at komm schon Alter XI! Alex Niggeman brought a piece of Berlin to Amsterdam, leading the line up with support from komm schon Alter resident Miss Melera, Gardens of God, and more. Check out Niggemans' stuff here:

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This edition of komm schon Alter was held at Warehouse Elementenstraat, one of Amsterdam's edgiest, industrial venues. Our Super Locals loved this place for its spacious quality. With 2 huge main rooms, there was plenty of room to dance without being squished or suffocated in the process. And komm schon Alter were true to their word regarding cutting the crap when it came to long queues for lockers and paying to use the bathroom. Neither of these things were to be found at this event. Refreshing!

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The Warehouse is a little bit out of town in an industrial area of West Amsterdam, around 15 mins bike from the centre... So something else that was greatly appreciated was the food stall set up inside the venue where you could buy pizza, sandwiches, fruit, cheese/sausage rolls and more. Exactly what you need at the end of the night! Super Locals Izzy & Jaideep ate 3 cheese pastries... each! 

komm schon alter xi-8

And finally - the people. The vibes and people at komm schon Alter were what made the evening complete. No douche bags, no people bumping and bashing into you on the dance floor. Perhaps a result of the 24+ age restriction, perhaps just because of the crowd komm schon Alter attracts. Though it must be said that there was quite a few older people raving on the dance floor that you don't usually see at these events... which was awesome! Proof that you're never too old to party.

komm schon alter xi-34 komm schon alter xi-38 komm schon alter xi-15

All in all, komm schon Alter was a sick night, rated highly by all of the Party with a Local people who were there. Can't wait for the next edition!

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