Party with a Local Story #11: Drag Queens in NYC

This story comes from Anna C., a Super Local/DJ in New York. 

Recently I got a message on the Party with a Local app from AJ, an Australian guy who was in NYC for a couple of days. When we first started talking he was asking for some shopping tips in the city. He then later told me he liked wearing heels and dresses. That was nothing strange to me since I am in a community of LGBT/drag queens - one of my brothers used to do drag shows and some of my best friends are club kids.

Since I knew a community who was very accepting and non-judgmental, I decided to take him out on Monday night to a weekly party thrown by all my drag queen friends. Before we went out, I went to his hotel and helped him get ready: I did his makeup, and he would ask me what I thought of certain looks.

AJ was definitely nervous about going out for the first time to a party like this. It was also his first time going out dressed up - and it was with me! I told AJ he had nothing to worry about and that he shouldn’t care what people think.

We went to the party and I introduced him to all my drag friends, and they loved AJ as I knew they would. I tried to make him as comfortable as possible and I hope I did so. We partied all night until 4am and then we parted ways. He has told me he had an amazing time and he is anxious to get back to NYC soon, and I can’t wait to see AJ again. I give him much credit for being so courageous!

I absolutely love Party with a Local because it has opened my eyes to see how unique every human is. I do my best to talk to everyone who contacts me because I like showing people a good time and seeing them happy. I like the feeling of helping others who don’t know much about NYC. I’m always looking forward to meeting a new party partner!


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