PartyWith Story #3: Amsterdam Gay Parade

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This is part 3 of the Best 10 PartyWith meetup stories. This PartyWith story is from Stefan from Copenhagen, who met an Amsterdam local Marianne (and her 7 girl friends) for a day of partying in Amsterdam's famous gay pride parade.

It's the summer of 2013 and Amsterdam is about to explode in a crazy colorful gay parade that fills the streets, canals and squares with a summer temperature which only makes the street party much better.

I've just spend a month working in Amsterdam, and this weekend was going to be my last before heading home to Denmark. So, what better weekend to invite my best friend along.

On Saturday we instantly bought pink boas to mix in with the gay party animals out there and we sat down at by the canals watching the boats, while eating tapas and drinking bubbles. Life was good, but the party was about to get even better...

Gay Pride Parade Amsterdam

To tell the full story, we need to go back in time a bit. Because the night before the parade, I got home late in the evening and started testing the Party with a local app to see what it was all about.

I texted a local girl, Marianne, that was around (and awake during that night apparently) to get some local tips... well, I think my first text was actually just "I'm up for a drink!" Anyway - we started chatting for a while and quickly decided that we should meet the day after for the parade. My friend and I were excited to meet some locals and lucky for us, Marianne brought her 7 girlfriends along :)

The day was great with lots of parade-sightseeing, talks, partying and dancing and before we knew it, we were sitting at an outdoor bar drinking beers and having a great time. That night ended somewhere early in the morning with a two very drunk friends on their bikes trying to find their way back to their rented apartment.

To sum up the experience:

1) A group of 8 girls taking us to the best local daylight party

2) A local guide watching over us while we bike around ;)

3) PWAL (PartyWith) really means PWAL

4) Output: A beautiful friendship across borders for over 2 years now

Stefan & Marianne
Stefan & Marianne - PartyWith users that met up for some gay pride partying in Amsterdam!

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