How to Party without Alcohol: Get High on Music, Sober

party with a local without alcohol

Whether you have been partying too hard lately, are still drunk from last night or just want to party sober for a while - party without alcohol to mix it up!

I’m a big time party-girl and I don’t drink alcohol. Not while clubbing, nor at a bar.

- 'What do you mean you don’t drink alcohol?' — you may ask with a skeptical look.

- Well, I just don’t drink… alcohol.

- 'What? But why? How do you party without alcohol?' — in total shock.

This is usually where the conversation gets funny, serious, mostly both and ends up at the bar with both of us ordering drinks "One beer and one ginger-beer please!"

Regardless of the surprised looks and questions about my sober partying habits, I always perceive a combination of interest and curiosity about the practice. How can one possibly party without drinking? How does one do that? or mostly - WHY - would someone do that intentionally?

Why I don’t drink is irrelevant. How I manage to do it is way more interesting! To all those who have wondered how the hell I can possibly rave all night on sparkling water, here is my guide on How to Party without Alcohol.


Make up your story.

People are curious. And people will find out, eventually, that you only rave on soft drinks. Whether it’s the Perrier-bottle you have been holding on, the shot you threw out or the G&T you declined - you will get spotted. Get your story straight or use one of the following shortcuts: I’m pregnant, I’m allergic, I’m sober, I’m drunk, I’m on antibiotics, I’m sick, I have a sports competition tomorrow, I’m religious, I work after I rave, I don’t like alcohol, I drank too much already, I just love sparkling water, or plain simple: Ignore and dance away.

Conscious clubbing.

Embrace who you are and who you want to be - with or without alcohol. What’s more if you don’t drink, you can act as silly and uninhibited as your friends but without having to deal with the heavy hangover the next morning. Alcohol is part of a social construct in most cultures, but don't get fooled, no alcohol can equal just as much fun!

2) Sponge on other people's high

Enjoy yourself and show it.

Don’t wait for the music to play louder to get your dance on. If you’re at a bar, initiate jokes and get your drunk friends to share silly stories. Take advantage of the fact that you are fully aware of what’s going on to lead conversations into perfect non-sense. The best nights out are the ones with non-stop belly laughs.

Pretend to be high and drunk.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to do that, just look around and sponge on other people’s high and silly dance moves. Just like an old muscle-memory trick, your brain will switch back to the old times and think it's drunk.

My favorite trick at a club is to tag along with friends who are highly funny and heavy spenders on mixed drinks. I steal away their mixers and act just like them -- No one sees a thing

Make party friends who don't pressure you.

While drinking buddies will become more rare, real buddies will multiply! I replaced the quantity of drinks I could down, with quality time on the dance floor listening to good music.

Thanks to the internet finding like-minded sober partying friends is easy. On the Party with a Local app you can also filter to find people who like to party but don't drink.


Gain Confidence.

While it seems easy during day time to order a diet coke with a straw, it seems our menu navigation skills takes a hit at night. Do they serve soft drinks? Am I allowed to just take a mixer? Get the bartender on your side and order your pink lemonade in a fancy glass, with a slice of lemon, splash of mint, double straw and tiny umbrella.

Creative soft-drinks.

While you party without alcohol, you'll also discover some of the many cool alcohol-free beverages, and soft drinks on the market: famous mocktails, 0% beer, club matte, Radler beer (citrus fruits, raspberry, ...) ginger beer, fancy lemonades like strawberry-basil, elderflower tonic, and more.

Pure Cocoa.

Snorting a line of pure chocolate is the new form of high. Get chill and euphoric on 100% herbs with a shot of pure cocoa. You can buy this in any organic shop (and Amsterdam tourist shops) and share it with your dance mates.


Fill newcomers in.

Let your friends buy you drinks. The good ones will get your favorite mocktail. The greedy ones will offer you the other half of their mixer. The strangers will check ten times if they heard it right "Are you sure? A Gin and Tonic without Gin?"

Trusting / Getting trusted.

I have met people who felt very uncomfortable with the fact I was partying without alcohol. They were not judging me, but more judging themselves. What if they would feel so relaxed after a few drinks that they would be themselves? - Just give them a hug, laugh at their silly jokes and act stupid yourself. Alcohol is a disinhibition tool. To me it’s more the opposite, it helps me to put filters on. So all in all, I perform better crazy when party sober.

5) Less drinking, more partying!

Always have a positive attitude.

Don’t bitch about drunk people. Be supportive. When conversations turn into chaotic rambles it's time to hit the dance floor or go home (remember, nothing good happens after 2am!).

Go out even more.

Contrary to the popular belief, not drinking does not equal not partying. Since I stopped drinking, I go out even more. I’m more focused and more productive and I don’t have to fight a bad hangover the next day, so I can go out again!

PartyING without alcohol can be just as fun! Try our app and find a sober buddy to party with - you can even filter to people who 'don't drink'.

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