Secrets of the hipster capital of Europe

The hipster travel blogger Adam Groffman, creator of Travels of Adam has his own view on Berlin - extremely trendy & very hip. If you are visiting this insanely cool city, make sure you catch up with Adam at one of the meet-ups he organizes together with other bloggers in some stylish bars of Berlin. Actually, that's exactly how we found him. We met Adam at a great wine bar, in the heart of Kreuzberg (hipster neigbourhood). We didn't miss the chance to ask Adam couple of questions about the must-see places in Berlin.


What is your favourite bar in Berlin?
Facciola (and that's where we met), no doubt! It's my friend Aurora's Italian wine bar and one of my favorite hang-outs. On a warm summer night, I really love to grab a few beers from a local Späti and sit in Görlitzer Park. As the evening gets darker and cooler, though, I make my way to Aurora's Italian wine bar, just off the side of the park. With her expert skills in recommending wine, I'm never disappointed. Plus the small aperitivos and meat/cheese plates make it a great place for a casual evening out.


What about the club?
Although Berlin has it's fair share of gay clubs, SchwuZ is my absolute favorite. Sure, there are bigger and more famous ones, but SchwuZ has that cool, local, community feeling. Themed parties every weekend make it a fun place to party to fun music.

And maybe you can also mention your favourite party in the town?
Again, Berlin gets more than a few gay parties each month. And they vary from Madonna-themed music nights (Madonnamania at SchwuZ just 4 times per year) to sex/fetish nights like the famous Snax Club night at Berghain. But Gegen, a bi-monthly party at Kit Kat Club is one of the best. It's queer, alternative, casual, sexy and fun, without the feelings of pretentiousness you might get at other club nights. The music is always good, electronic, and the scene is incredibly vibrant, lively and fun.
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