Still pondering your resolutions for 2017? Here’s ours…

Let's face it. 2016 wasn't the *best* year for the world. Political disasters, celebrity deaths and ongoing wars... it's not great combination. But when things get rough and the only options left are to either laugh or cry, we always pick laugh... And even better if you are laughing with new friends from around the globe.

For us at Party with a Local, the one thing that made 2016 it bearable was being able to put aside our worries and have a good time with some truly amazing people from the Party with a Local community, and seeing others do the same.

So whilst there is plenty room for improvement on 2016 on the grander scale, looking back, this year was also was filled with happy memories of stupidly fun nights out with new friends.

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Now, as 2017 begins, you're probably pondering the year ahead and your New Year's resolutions. At Party with a Local, our resolution for 2017 is to keep growing and improving our amazing community of party people around the world, so we can help you make the most of the year ahead.

So why not make your resolution for 2017 to get out of your comfort zone and meet more new people this year? After all, "a little party never killed nobody"...

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