Top 10 Cities to Party in 2015

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We wanted to know the ‘Top 10 Cities to PARTY in, in 2015‘… so we asked Party with a Local users and fans to tell us (everywhere is better when you Party with a Local (get the app). This is the result of that poll (with the Top 10 cities to party in largely written up by locals from those cities)…

Top 10 Cities to Party in 2015

10. Johannesburg, Gauteng

Melting Pot & live music haven

Best for: live music, diversity

Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city is a melting pot for some of the continent’s best nightlife. It is home to some of the country’s best sounds with live bands and DJ’s offering a whole range of beats, including hip hop and house as well as the unique traditional African sounds of mbaganga, kwaito and soukuos. Note: Downtown Johannesburg can be dangerous, particularly at night, so you should try to avoid it and ask the locals where the safe places to party are.


9. Sopot (Poland)

Summer party town

Best for: summer party, beach nightclubs, techno

A surprise perhaps to many to make the list and the second Polish city to make our top 10 – a sign that the economic growth in Poland is starting to pay off where it counts – the party scene. Sopot is located near the northern Polish city of Gdańsk and is indeed a party town, in fact Sopot is known as THE party town during summer. There are numerous bars and beach nightclubs that the young and beautiful make Sopot their own in the summer months – basking on the beach in sun  by day and partying by night, until the sun comes up again. Bar tips from a local: I visit mostly CzekoladaEgo and Kongo Bar. If you want a cheap pub for a pre-party and to talk with friends Śledzik U fabrykanta also known as the ‘4zloty bar’ (where everything costs about 1 euro). Sopot also draws it’s fair share of good DJs from cities like Berlin, so the clubbing scene rates highly too.

by Cezary Cycuiss Cedrowski (Gdańsk/Sopot local)


8. Buenos Aires

Party Party Party

Best for: all night parties, clubs, dancing

South American’s have a passion to party and dance like no other! This modern and incredibly fashionable city boasts huge nightclubs by the waterfront, swanky bars and underground low-lit venues hidden in the less touristy areas that only the locals know about.  Party all year round in a city that really comes alive at night in Frank’s Bar, Ocho7ocho and Pache to name a few. But make sure to get a good night’s sleep before heading out, these party people start late, 2am if you’re lucky and will likely still be partying strong till the sun comes up!

by Gemma Trounce (Recently travelled & partied in Buenos Aires)


7. Warsaw

Choice of music & party style in the Polish capital

Best for: variety, music, party on a budget

As an experienced party-goer I would definitely say that Warsaw is the best city in the world to party. Here you have great choice of music and style. You can go to fancy club in the city centre, where in long queue you will see successful and perfectly dressed people. Or you can go across Wisla and visit less mainstream and less fancy places like “Sen Pszczoły” and chill out. Polish people are quite open-minded, and up for meeting travellers, so I am sure they will show you where and how to party. First you can drink vodka with herring and talk, later you should check at least 2 bars/clubs/parties to find the best one. Lately Warsaw is getting much more laid-back and open, so perhaps soon the underground will become mainstream. One local bar to check out is Przekąski Zakąski (pictured) – is has the atmosphere of an elegant 1950′s bar, where Alcohol costs 4 zł and every food dish costs 8 zł, yet it’s open all night and is known as a place to party when everything else closes. Another one of great advantages of partying in Warsaw are the low prices and beautiful people (though maybe I am biased being a Warsaw local myself!).

by Anastazja Zygmantowicz (Warsaw local)


6. Melbourne

The cultural and party capital of Australia

Best for: Bars, bars, and more bars… (oh and rooftop bars)

Melbourne has always been the cultural capital of Australia and has in recent years cemented itself as the party capital of the land down under. With a labyrinth of lane ways within the city walls, and hundreds of bars and venues that continue to pop-up what feels like daily, there is never a shortage of a watering hole. 1806Cookie, Section 8, the Town Hall (pictured) and the Carlton Club are forever impressing locals, and with clubs like The Mercat BasementNew GuernicaThe Liberty Social, and the almost 24hr Revolver you are sure to always find a party.

by Gemma Trounce (Melbourne local)


5. Belgrade

A city full of party subcultures

Best for: variety, nightclub boats, party with the locals

I spent 2 summer months in Belgrade this past year and as an experienced barfly I now totally understand why it has the reputation to be one of the best party cities in the world. The Serbs are no strangers to drinking, or having a good time. The food is fantastic, grade of drinks high, people are not only cool but great looking, and prices not astronomically high. Although any visitor to Belgrade will be able to find some nightlife on their own, it is definitely one of those cities where you would be very well advised to party with a local. For one thing, the nightlife dynamics are different during the summer months than the colder months. As a general rule, you usually start your drinks in the city, where there are a large number of interesting bars and cafe’s that close around midnight. After which if its the summer, you take your party onto the large nightclub boats parked on the shores of the Danube and Sava rivers. During the colder months, after midnight, you head to the many nightclubs in and around the city to get your party on. It is also a city full of subcultures, which again makes finding the right local along your vibe to point you in the right direction essential to finding your scene. Hope to see you in Belgrade next time I am there.

by Zoubin Zarin (Toronto local and global nomad who lived in Belgrade for 2 months this summer)


4. Oakland

Arty party city across the Bay

Best for: alternative/arty bars, bar crawling, diversity

Sure, everyone knows there’s always a party going on in San Francisco, but hop across the Bay and you’ll find a more diverse, funky, wild and underground scene to explore. A good day to hit up Oakland for a party is on the first Friday of the month for the local “Art Murmur”. Throngs of hipster/hip-hopper/artsy-fartsy/punk/fashionista kids hit the streets for a monthly ramble through the many art galleries and bars of the Uptown neighborhood (read more). But much of the real action and revelry is on the sidewalks and blocked off streets where impromptu rap battles, band performances, and dance parties are commonplace. Food trucks, vintage car rallies, and outdoor movies are also on the roster. One Oaklandite called it “Mardi Gras of the West”. But if you miss First Fridays, don’t fret; you can still work your Oakland party by bar-crawling from downtown to uptown any day of the month. Start at Radio, hit the Layover, then head to a cluster of bars up the road including Dogwood, Make Westing (indoor bocce ball!), and the not-to-be-missed Café VanKleef. To end your night with real local flair, stumble up to Kim’s Backyard and the Stork Club before some local drags you to a house-party or hidden club in a super sketchy part of town. Don’t be afraid, it’s “how we do”.

by Anneka Imkamp (Oakland local)


3. Barcelona

Upbeat, energetic, cultured beach town

Best for: food/drink/party combo, culture, random nights out

BARcelona … a blend of urban energy, beach town atmosphere and upbeat culture for an unrivalled Catalonian experience (they call everything BAR is Barcelona: Cafe-bar, Restaurant-Bar, pub-bar, disco-bar…). Barcelona is known for its random nights out that might begin after a late tapas dinner, continue on in the numerous bars in the narrow winding streets and end up in one of the many ‘disco-bars’… (and then maybe onto an after party on the beach until sunrise, especially if you meet some locals!). Some BARs the locals recommend: Bar Pastís (pictured) – a Bohemian Bar in BCN centrum, next to Las Ramblas, has live music and a special atmosphere. La Champagneria – a crazy and always packed bar near the beach where all you can order to drink is €3 bottles Cava (Spanish champagne) whilst the menu consists of tapas, many of which are very meat heavy. This ingenious concept has made La Cahmpagneria famous with locals and travellers alike. Barcelona Pipa Club – This is a semi ‘secret’ place in that is well known, but not obvious to find – There is a buzzer/bell near a drainpipe which they need to ring, then wait, and if the staff want to they will buzz you in. Some recommended discotheques in Barcelona: Apolo Sala 2Luz de Gas (posh), RazzmatazMagicSidecar and if you are into dance music, then don’t miss the Sonar festival, held in Barcelona every summer in June.

by Mur Tarragona (Barcelona local)


2. Berlin

The real city that never sleeps

Best for: clubs, techno, all night partying (every night of the week)

Party in Berlin

Unlucky not to get the #1 spot. Berlin, the city that truly never sleeps, where the party never stops and where the youth culture can be seen dripping down the walls of the numerous bars, cafes and clubs. If you’re heading to the German capital anytime soon, make sure to take a stroll down Weserstraße in Neukölln. You might want to start with a Weiss beer at ‘A’, a cozy bar filled with an abundance of well loved and worn in couches. Opposite, you’ll find another well loved Berliner Bar, Tier, who makes a wicked Moscow mule. By this time your vision maybe slightly blurred and your speech slightly impaired, time for some food! Wonder up the street to ‘Gaston’, a fantastically cheap and delicious tapas restaurant. Make sure to get there before 10pm as the kitchen closes relatively early and trust me you don’t want to miss out on this! Clubs and techno… there is so much amazing choice of clubs and things going on that we don’t even know where to begin. Berlin is an electric city jam packed with culture and a never ending ability to please, if you’ve been there before you know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

by Izaac Somers (Aspiring Berliner)


1. Amsterdam

World renowned party town

Best for: bars, events, bars & clubs in close proximity

Party in AmsterdamAmsterdam has always been known as a party city, though often this tag has come with a seedy reputation. But there is so much more to this diverse capital than the Red Light District, coffee shops and the neon lights of Leidseplein that most tourists see or think of when they hear Amsterdam. Discover the many alternative and happening bars such as Basis (pictured), where DJs spin fresh tunes most nights of the week and where you are encouraged to bring your own vibe, food and ideas. Other happening places, where the locals hang out, include Cafe Brecht, Bloemenbar and Hannekes Boom. The great thing about Amsterdam is that it’s a small city, so there are lots of bars and clubs that are easily accessible by foot and bike – bar crawling is a way of life in Amsterdam. Clubs you say? The old printing press warehouse of Trouw will never fail to impress and Studio 80 is another pumping club that is popular with a younger crowd. Amsterdam also hosts some world class festivals and events, including Queen’s Day, Amerdam Dance Event, Welcome to the Future, Lowlands …enough said.

by Dan Fennessy & Gemma Trounce (current Amsterdam locals)

…Do you agree with our Top 10? Love to hear what other suggestions you have for the Best Cities to Party in 2015 (add them in the comments below).

Of course all of these cities are better when you ‘Party with a Local‘! Download the App, meet the locals in all these cities and find the best places to party. Join the Party…

  • Barbara

    Oakland is a super scary city! I used to live next to it and tried to stay out of it as much as possible! :P

    • PartywithaLocal

      You should try it again. We partied with some locals there and found some super hip, interesting, alternative (and safe) bars and clubs.

  • Rob

    Good list! I would add London & New York though

  • Odette

    Whistler is the best place to party in 2013. I used to live there and all u do in that place is party!!!

  • Nathalie

    Agree with Berlin, Barca and Amsterdam for sure, I’d definitely add Prague to the list though. Zurich is also a great party city with tons of clubs and bars. No idea what Oakland is doing on the list though – super sketchy! Stay away from Oakland.

    • PartywithaLocal

      You should try Oakland again. We partied with some locals there and found
      some super hip, interesting, alternative (and safe) bars and clubs.

  • Pam

    im just agree for the cities in Poland, Buenos aires , Melbourne , Barcelona, but not the other ones. You missed Ibiza and St Tropez for sure!

  • John Lock

    I recommended ROYAL NIGHT CLUB in
    SOPOT (POLAND). Amazing atmosphere, tasteful design, beautiful
    dancers made me and my friends have a great time during the whole
    night. I encourage everyone to visit this club, especially if you
    want to experience something unforgettable.

    I give you my strong recommendation

  • Hassan

    This is list is terrible. New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and Los Angles are all EASILY bigger party places than Oakland. And the fact that you don’t have Las Vegas is an outrage. Ibiza as well. That is almost party capital. You really got this wrong.

    • PartywithaLocal

      If the post was called ‘Most obvious cities to Party in’ then yes, the cities you mention should have been on the list. Have you been (and partied) in all of the cities on this list to properly make that judgement? Been out of the US even? Vegas – too obvious.