Top 5 Clubs in Amsterdam

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Clubs in Amsterdam are legendary - as the breeding ground for dance music, you'd expect nothing less. And the city delivers! At Party with a Local, we're based in this energetic city and definitely can't get enough of the clubs in Amsterdam! Here are the unanimous top favorites of Party with a Local users and staff.


If you know a thing or two about the global dance music scene, you might have heard of the infamous Amsterdam club Trouw. Trouw shut down for good in early 2015, but techno heads didn't have to fret for long. Earlier in 2016, the creators of Trouw started a new project - De School. De School, as the name suggests, is set in a space that used to be a school. Now, it's a club, restaurant, exhibition space, and the hottest nightlife venue in town. For those that love underground dance music - techno, house, and experimental sounds, this is the place to be.

Clubs in Amsterdam
You better know your music if you want to get past the doorman!

2. melkweg

Melkweg is a popular live music spot in the heart of Amsterdam, conveniently located by the bustling Leidseplein. Melkweg used to be a milk factory and has been open as a live music and dance club since the 1970s. It's a huge venue with 5 rooms and boasts a diverse program every night for every taste - anywhere from reggae to drum and bass. So check out their event schedule and party at Melkweg if you have the chance!

Melkweg club in amsterdam
Melkweg "Milky Way" Club in Amsterdam

3. AIR

Designed by Dutch architect Marcel Wanders with 5 bars and a capacity of 1300, this once renowned gay discotheque boasts cosmopolitan light adornments and ample space despite its intimate atmosphere. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, the club aspires to represent diversity, creativity and quality through assorted programming and exceptional audio-visual facilities (including a VOID acoustics sounds system) aimed to accommodate everyone from the underground lurkers to the affluent upscale.

Clubs in Amsterdam
Club AIR - upscale club in Amsterdam.

4. Radion

Really off the beaten path, tucked away in southwest Amsterdam, RADION is a locals' favorite underground club of the moment. The ambience, music, and even crowd are very alternative. It's very Berlin-esque and is where the true techno & house heads go to play. It's a 20-minute bike ride from the city center, through "suburban" Amsterdam... But it's well worth the trek!

Clubs in Amsterdam
RADION: probably the quirkiest club in Amsterdam

5. sugar factory

Sugar Factory is in Amsterdam's nightlife hub, Leidseplein. Like Melkweg, it's a factory-turned-club. Sugar Factory is open every night of the week. Due to its location, it always attracts a good mix of locals and travelers. In addition to its popular techno nights (Techno Tuesday is a thing here), it also showcases upcoming talent and live acts. It is not a big club, but it means you get a truly intimate club experience.

Clubs in Amsterdam

Visit any of these clubs and find out for yourself why Amsterdam is the club capital of the world! =)

For more ideas, why not check out the event listings on the Party with a Local app or check out this Amsterdam Clubbing Guide from Party with a Local's own Super Local, Tendelle.

Last update: September 1, 2016


  1. Sadly the Amsterdam nightlife is still very bad. In general there are only mainstream clubs. There aren’t much alternative venues, and if you will find one the evening starts very early, and of course closing time is very early too. You always have to be in a hurry in Amsterdam to be on time.

    In the mainstream clubs it’s often too crowded, too expensive and customer unfriendly (e.g. you have to pay for the toilet). Besides the well known alcoholic drinks, there is a poor selection of non alcoholic drinks. They don’t know about drinks like Club Mate or Bionade (o.k. there are a little exceptions), wich are popular in Germany. If you are very lucky you can get a non alcoholic beer, if not you have to drink soft drinks, served in very small glasses, instead of the 0,33 l. bottles as they do in Germany.

    If you don’t live or stay in central Amsterdam it’s a problem to go home after your night out, because public transport is very poor, especially during nighttime. Due to the early closing times, public transport doesn’t run on daytime schedule on the end of your night out. (Yes, I know the dutch have the strange habit to travel by bike)

    The worst thing is that the people who live in Amsterdam like this bad situation. Much people who live in Amsterdam nowadays are from the rural parts of the country and little villages. They are so happy with living in Amsterdam and see it as a privelege, so they forget to complain.

  2. Hey, livedin Amserdam for 2years now. love theseclubs and some other smaller ones. I havent beenyet but wondering what the word is on “Dhoem Dhaam”?

    • hi and my friends coming to amsterdam for stag!do you know a good club where going???

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