Top 5 Clubs in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is well-known as one of the cities with the best nightlife in the world. Naturally, Party with a Local's team has to go and check out the best clubs. Two of Party with a Local's team members have lived in Sao Paulo for an extended period of time enjoyed Sao Paulo's nightlife extensively, and we've also sourced information from our Sao Paulo locals. Here are our picks for the Top 5 Clubs of Sao Paulo:

Best for Electronic Dance Music: D-Edge

D-Edge Best Club Sao Paulo

D-Edge is the undisputed #1 club for underground electronic dance music in Sao Paulo. It's a progressive club that has shaped the dance music scene of Sao Paulo, if not all of Brazil. If you're a dance music enthusiast, you cannot miss out on a night at D-Edge. Every night of the week D-Edge features a different genre of cutting-edge music.

  • Monday nights: Rock
  • Thursday nights: Deep & Tech House
  • Friday nights: Funk, Disco, and Classic House
  • Saturday nights: Techno & Experimental
  • Sunday: "Superafter" party from 5am to 12pm

Best for Mixed Music: Lions Nightclub

Lions Nightclub Best Club Sao Paulo

Featuring a variety of music, from pop, to rock, to Brazilian, to techno, Lions nightclub has long been one of the most popular posh clubs in Sao Paulo. It has a chic interior and a killer rooftop view of Sao Paulo's night scene. A club to check out if you like to party with beautiful Brazilians all night long in an upscale setting!

Best for Indie Rock: Alberta #3

Alberta #3 Best Club Sao Paulo

Alberta #3 is the best club to go to in Sao Paulo for Indie Rock music, with 15 years of history in Sao Paulo's night scene. If you're into alternative music and exploring Sao Paulo's underground rock scene, this is the place to be.

Best for Brazilian Music: Wood's

Wood's Best Club Sao Paulo

Wood's is a well-known brand of clubs throughout Brazil, championing Sertanejo, country music originated from Brazil that has quickly become the most popular type of music in Brazil. Wood's is Sao Paulo's premier club for Sertanejo, with a friendly and animated atmosphere - Spend a night dancing here and immerse yourself in typical Brazil's culture!

Best for LGBT: The Week

The Week Best Club Sao Paulo

The Week is a gay club that is straight-friendly. It's a large, beautiful nightclub with 3 stages (2 of which are large main rooms) and an outdoor terrace with a pool. On some nights with special events, the club is not LGBT-focused.

Enjoy Sao Paulo, learn the clubbing etiquettes in Brazil, and find some Brazilians to party with a Party with a Local!

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