Uncornered Berlin

As you have already noticed, while in Berlin, we've made so many friends... And of course we didn't hesitate to ask them, the most qualified onlookers of the beautiful city, some tips that can help you (yes you, dear reader!) to wander around the streets with more confidence and enter all the cool bars like a real Berliner.
During one of our nights out we met Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott, a husband-and-wife storytelling team, the creators of a travel blog Uncornered Market. They told us incredible stories from some of the 80 countries they have visited, that we almost forgot to ask them about Berlin! But luckily, in the end, they shared some unique suggestions, so you can discover some of the hidden or 'uncornered' spots. Ready?
Best rooftop bar in town:
Klunker Kranich in Neukölln (a very hip Berlin neigbourhood) has a relaxed atmosphere and some really good music.  A little difficult to find your way once in the building, so it truly qualifies as a hidden gem. Bonus tip: grab a quick bite at Azzam nearby, that offers one of the best (and reasonably-priced) Middle Eastern food in the city
Best travellers' bar/restaurant:
Das Edelweiss, no doubt.  Especially if you happen to be around on a Tuesday, check out their open mic jazz nights. You’ll find travellers from any place in the world there, eating wurst and drinking beer. :)
Best brewery in Berlin:
If you find yourself in Wedding, or you’d like to find out what Wedding is, Vagabund is your excuse.  Not to mention, craft brewing is now all the rage in Berlin. Vagabund was one of the very early entrants into the race.
Coolest beer spot:
Hopfenreich is definitely the friendliest and the liveliest craft brew scenes in Kreuzberg (another hip neigbourhood). Another one of those places where you’ll find a mix of locals and visitors, including conversationally-inclined beer enthusiasts.
By the way, you can discover the divided city more profoundly at Daniel's and Audrey's Berlin Beginner Guide or at Berlin Cheap Eats.


And once again... looking for some beer pals? You know where to find them! Get the Party with a Local app.

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