What happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin

We met Ralph Pache at the Party With a Local picnic soirée at Treptower park in Berlin. The moment he took a selfie with his friend wearing the "party horse" mask, we knew he was our type of guy! Getting to know him better, we realized that apart from being a super nice dude, he's also a very talented photographer and a true Berliner who knows the city like a back of his hand.

We asked him to give us some tips on the "divided city" and illustrate them with his own photographs, so we can share them with our audience! Check out his tips and photos below. You can see more of his awesome work at www.ralph-pache.de.

Ralph Pache's guide to Berlin:

Start your trip by taking the S-Bahn. Get off at Ostbahnhof and walk to the Eastside Gallery, which will take you around 15 minutes. On your way you will pass the O2-Arena. It's a beautiful construction, but don't stare at it for too long. Keep walking to discover better gems of Berlin. And, almost forgot to mention, beware of Hütchenspieler (the Shell Game players) that are looking for the curious tourists like you. The probability they'll approach you is quite high. But don't let yourself be tricked. As you know in this game there is only one winner and it won't be you, lol.


I will advise you to use your money for better purposes. Scroll down and discover some more of my favourite options.




Eastside Gallery (on the right) coming from the Ostbahnhof station. In the back you can see the towers of the Oberbaumbrücke (a double-deck bridge, considered one of the city's landmarks).


Right behind the Eastside Gallery you can have a great time with your friends on the shore of the Spree river. Bring some snacks and beer! You are allowed to drink on the streets of Berlin, yay! :)


After wandering for quite a while around the city, you'll probably get hungry. Not a problem! Have a lunch like a real German, eat the best schnitzel in the universe!


Scheer’s Schnitzel is my favorite Schnitzel Place in the Universe. It's located on the corner of Warschauer Strasse and Stralauer Strasse. If you want to eat it in the genuine way, order a SchniPoSa (Schnitzel, Fries & Salad). I love to eat mine with the remouladensauce (similar to tartar, but often flavored with curry) and the chilisauce - both homemade! Sometimes you have to wait a little, the place can get really packed, but believe me it’s worth it! The food is heavenly delicious, always fresh and the prices cannot make you happier. If you see Marcel (with a cap) behind the counter, say hi from Ralph :).




After having a great meal at Scheer’s, you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset at the Fluxbau (restaurant and a great music venue), located in Kreuzberg (hip neigbourhood of Berlin). Use the beautiful Oberbaumbrücke to cross the river. Turn right and walk along the embankment for some minutes. At the Fluxbau they have a great terrace, so you can enjoy the view on the Fernsehturm (famous television tower, symbol of the city) and the Oberbaumbrücke. You'll love this place, it's soo Berlin: laid back, alternative and just awesome :). The whole atmosphere kind of reminds me of the Brooklyn Heights neigbourhood in New York.


Crossing the Oberbaumbrücke to Kreuzberg


View from the Fluxbau at the Fernsehturm (Alexanderplatz)


View from Fluxbau at the back of Eastside Gallery


And what about the plans for the evening? How about Karaoke? If you aren't really into singing yourself, that’s cool, I don’t sing either. But, no worries, for people like us, they have created Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke! A place where you will enjoy singing together with the crowd. Apart from this, they serve some finger licking food like Nano’s falafel and Korean BBQ.

Another great suggestion for a wicked night is hiding in the Warschauer Strasse, probably the busiest street in town. Walking across the bridge you will see Kaisers (24/7 supermarket) on the left and the RAW area (a place where you'll find music, theatre, circus, cinema, flea market, beergarden and even a skateboard hall) on the right. But I want you to check out Haubentaucher (the venue where you can find hipsters and a pool party!) and other pretty crazy, I mean, interesting clubs. On the weekend’s, in the same area, you can bump into a street food market and in the winter, there is an alternative Christmas market. Awesome, right?

By the way, just a curiosity: in Berlin there are some spots, where the drugs are sold openly (I think mostly weed and soft drugs). The part of the Warschauer Strasse between the bridge and the RAW area is one of them. Don’t be surprised if people will approach you with some offers. Just tell them you are not interested, if you are not, of course :).

If you wanna meet up, drop me a line at Party With a Local app or send me a direct message on my Twitter account @ralphpache.


Enjoy Berlin! ;)

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