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In our today's post, our local party girl from Berlin, Priscila, will tell us all about BEST places to visit in this wonderful & hip city!

She came to Berlin from another crazy metropolis, São Paulo, exactly a year ago and already discovered best beers, best bars and best people. Check it out!

By Priscila Mesquita

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1. Neue Heimat


An amazing venue full of abandoned warehouses on a famous for its bars and clubs Revalerstrasse. All the buildings, that once were a part of a factory, were transformed into clubs, bars, restaurants and party spots. The name Neue Heimat, which means "new motherland" organizes different events all the time: jazz nights, food and drinks festivals, design and fashion fairs and even village markets on Sundays. They always have a famous band or a DJ playing some very cool sounds. Worth going with a bunch of friends to have even more fun!

Entrance: €2-3
Dress code: Put on something cool & hipster!
Address: Revaler Str. 99 (maps)

2. Café am Neuen See


There this thing that I just love about German culture, it's their "Biergartens" (outdoor areas with beer and food). Normally they stay closed during the winter, but as soon as the spring starts, voilà... they are open again and full of people, beer and joy! All these places sell really tasty local beers and delicious German snacks like wursts (sausage) and different types of pretzels. This is definitely my favourite activity for a happy hour with friends or for some chilled time in the weekend. And the Café am Neuen See has the most special "Biergartens", because its location is simply awesome! It's right in the heart of Berlin's biggest parks, Tiergarten. Its green area is soo big that it really seems that you are somewhere in the woods and not in the middle of one of the biggest European city's, lol! Another very nice thing about this venue is that it's located just in front of a small lake where people can rent boats and after having some beers, just relax in the sun. My tip is to go by bicycle to enjoy even more the landscape of the park!

Apart from the "Biergarten", the location also has a restaurant which is a bit chic and serves flammkuchen (German pizza), different sorts of pastas, soups and salads.

Entrance: free
Dress code: Casual for the "Biergarten", but more sophisticated if your option is the restaurant
Address: Lichtensteinallee 2 (maps)

3. Amano Dachterrace


Also, I love Berlin rooftops! (I am in love with the whole city actually! lol) In the spring and summer they are the best because of the sunny weather and amazing views. My favourite is located in the hotel Amano. It's a very modern venue in the most hip area of the city - Mitte ­ Rosenthaler Platz. The bar with all kinds of beers and cocktails opens pretty much every day from June to August. Trust me, it's just the best thing in the world to have a drink listening to some incredible DJs playing house or electronic music in the center of Berlin!

Entrance: free (go to the hotel's reception and then - up, up, up!)
Dress code: A little more chic than usual. Some girls even wear heals (which is VERY rare in Berlin!). But of course you can go casual too, as the usual city style is pretty simple
Address: Auguststraße 43 (maps)

4. Badehaus Szimpla


This club is also at Revalerstrasse and if you pass by, you wouldn't probably notice this one of the best music venues in town. From the outside it's just an abandoned building, but if you go inside... everything changes! You can find DJs playing best electronic hits, live bands & really amazing jam sessions! The most famous ones are Hip Hop on Tuesdays' and "Naked Jazz" on Sunday's. The atmosphere is always very chilled and relaxed. The club doesn't get packed and in summer, they also open their small roof for people to smoke and just enjoy the nice weather.

Entrance: It depends on the party, but approximately €10
Dress code: As usual, very casual! :)
Address: Revaler Straße 99 (maps)

5. Gretchen


Berlin is very famous for its techno and you are into this genre, you can check out Berghain, Watergate and any other famous clubs. But, I didn't wanna go for the obvious option, I chose to tell you guys about Gretchen, which is one of my favorite clubs with some very eclectic line­ups. I was there for a concert of a famous Brazilian rapper Crioulo and also visited all cumbia nights. In July, I planning to go to Tropkillaz (duo formed by Brazil’s top DJs Zegon and Laudz) concert too.

I mean this place is so cool, that it plays pretty much everything from rap to salsa. It has two dance floors and the Yard (an open area for summer nights)

Entrance: Once again, depends on the band/party, but generally around €20
Dress code: Casual, guys! I will remind you one more time: it's Berliiiin! :)
Address: Obentrautstrasse 19-21 (maps)

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