Where To Go Out on Tuesday Nights in Amsterdam

Tuesdays aren't just for Netflix anymore.

Tuesday Night may be an off-night in Amsterdam, but those who are determined to party can still find places to go. Techno on Tuesdays is a thing here, so if that's what you fancy, you can party all night long! Besides that, the city also has a live music venue that hosts shows and gigs every night of the week. 

Techno Tuesday @ Melkweg

Techno Tuesday is one of the longest-running techno events in Amsterdam. Originally hosted across the street in Sugar Factory, it's now moved to the bigger, historic live music venue of Melkweg. 

At this party, you can find techno fiends traveling in Amsterdam or locals that just don't care about making it to work next day in one piece. Visitors will be sure to find quality techno here!



Paradiso is one of the most well-known live music venues in Amsterdam (if not the most). A large two-floor venue with a theater layout, it's the optimal venue for both a club night or to hear a band play.

There's programming almost every night of the week, so that makes it a great place to visit to combat that mid-week lull. On Tuesday nights, you can expect anything from seeing a jazz singer-songwriter to an electronic indie-pop DJ.

Photo source: Paradiso

Techno Tribe @ Sugar Factory

Join your tribe and dance to groovy techno beats all night. Sugar Factory may be small, but it's great for making friends or just losing yourself to the music. The vibes are great and the sound system is no joke!

Photo: Sugar factory

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