Escape the Concrete Jungle & Enter a Real One

With all the hustle and bustle of the city, sometimes all you want to do is escape, enjoy some nature, and relax. But at the same time, FOMO strikes when you think of the amazing festivals and events going on in the city...

Enter Wildeburg: the newest festival from the people behind Into the Woods Festival, bringing you the perfect combination of amazing music and a unique location in the middle of the wilderness.

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Though Wildeburg is held only an hour away from Amsterdam or Utrecht, this unique location feels a million miles from civilisation. Get out of the city and chill on the beach, float to an island, wander in the bamboo forrest or dose on the dunes.

And forget huge, overcrowded festivals... the Wildeburg village is the ultimate place to chill with the freedom and space you need to relax.

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But the location of this festival isn't the only thing you should be excited about... far from! The full line up of artists has now been announced, and boy, are you in for a treat!

A hand-picked combination of 70 artists - some well-known (think Hot Chip and Michael Mayer) and some up-and-coming acts (like Dollkraut and Culoe de Song) - will play across 4 stages, with 1 stage dedicated just to live music. There really is something for everyone. Check out the full line-up here!

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Besides the amazing lineup, there is plenty of other creative entertainment to enjoy at Wildeburg. Think techno-robics to wake you up in the morning, and classical music on the beach.

Wildeburg takes place between 15th and 17th July, going all day & all night, for 3 days of non-stop enjoyment. Check out their website for more information and tickets!

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